NCR and Microsoft Alliance

NCR Corporation, the leader in consumer transaction technology, works with Microsoft to help businesses around the globe run the everyday transactions that make life easier. Key areas of cooperation include existing product management, development of new products and technologies and working together to assess and address the future needs of businesses, including financial institutions, retailers, travel providers, restaurants and more. This allows NCR to more fully leverage Microsoft technologies in order to provide businesses worldwide with best-in-class solutions that are easy to deploy and support and that enhance business operations and customer experiences.

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business. NCR’s assisted- and self-service solutions and comprehensive support services address the needs of retail, financial, travel, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, gaming and public sector organizations in more than 100 countries.

NCR is the retail technology innovation leader, helping retailers of all sizes around the globe create exceptional omni-commerce customer experiences while at the same time increasing store operational efficiency. NCR has the retail technology solutions and services to make everyday easier for shoppers and store owners, managers and employees. NCR’s POS solutions support multiple Microsoft operating systems as well as use the power of Microsoft SQL.

NCR is a leading global provider of innovative technology and services to more than 100,000 restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and other customer-service venues worldwide . We help our clients operate and manage their business efficiently through continuous innovation, global presence, a vast service network and a customer-first mindset.

NCR is helping travel providers transform the travel experience by making everyday easier for their customers at home, en route and once they reach their destination. We are redefining how airlines, airports, hotels, car rental agencies and other travel providers interact with their customers throughout the journey, applying our retail, financial and hospitality expertise to drive revenue, efficiency and loyalty. For example, NCR offers travel providers integrated, multi-channel check-in, wayfinding and mobilization solutions. These end-to-end solutions include check-in hardware and software solutions, a wayfinding application with a range of hardware options, and mobile website and app capabilities. When combined with the power of Microsoft operating systems these solutions are transforming the travel experience.

As the world leader in both ATM and banking technology, NCR is dedicated to providing solutions that control costs, realize operational efficiencies and enable seamless customer experiences across multiple channels. From local credit unions to multinational banks, NCR’s solutions make everyday easier for financial institutions and customers around the globe.