Drive Business Value Through Dynamic Enterprise Visibility

Together, OSIsoft and Microsoft help empower enterprise manufacturers, utilities, and operators of mission critical data centers to gain a competitive advantage by presenting people with dynamic operational, business, and energy data they can use to make better-informed decisions while driving excellence across the value chain.


OSIsoft and Microsoft have a long history of working together to drive technological innovation and interoperability in the manufacturing and process sector. This world-class alliance combines a trusted and highly-scalable real-time data and events infrastructure with familiar end-user and collaboration tools, helping companies better leverage their investments in IT to drive business growth. Together, OSIsoft and Microsoft empower enterprise manufacturers and utilities to gain a competitive advantage by presenting people with dynamic, operational, business and energy data they can use to make better-informed decisions and drive excellence across the value chain.

Additional Alliance Success Stories

OSIsoft is a Microsoft Featured Partner

OSIsoft is featured in the Microsoft "Perfectly Matched Partner" release


OSIsoft and Microsoft offer enterprise manufacturers, utilities, and data centers a real-time data and events infrastructure on a trusted platform that can dynamically support ongoing business needs. By providing greater visibility into business operations, customers empower their employees to make better-informed decisions helping to increase productivity and drive profitability across the enterprise.

Sustainable IT

There's a lot of talk these days about Sustainable IT and being "green." People are trying to use information technology in ways that minimize damage to the environment and reduce costs. This means lowering energy and water use as well as intelligent maintenance of the facilities and equipment. It all starts with visibility and getting real-time information in front of decision makers.

Once companies appreciate the similarities between data centers and manufacturing plants - with energy as inputs and heat and computer processing as outputs - the benefits of the PI system become clear. Better together, OSIsoft and Microsoft empower enterprise IT, Data Center, and Facility managers to gain a competitive advantage in "Sustainable IT" by presenting dynamic, operational, business and energy data they can use to make better-informed decisions.

Microsoft is an OSIsoft customer – using PI to monitor energy usage in its own data centers, EEC, and MTC facilities.

Our Software + Services Commitment

OSIsoft delivers real-time enterprise infrastructure Software plus Services designed to help customers achieve significant benefits from the use of real-time information across their entire business.

The Enterprise Agreement program, the core of the Software plus Services model, provides an unlimited license of the PI Infrastructure so that customers can create a "real-time aware" computing environment throughout the organization. The result is the ability to multiply the gains realized through increased productivity, reduced costs and greater efficiencies across plants, throughout the enterprise, and across the value chain.

The Software plus Services offering includes multiple areas of value:

  • Standard OSIsoft PI Infrastructure Software – Unlimited quantities of PI Infrastructure products, unconstrained by location, servers, data streams or seats, etc.
  • Managed PI (mPI) Software – Remote assistance to help install, manage and update the standard OSIsoft PI Infrastructure software from a centralized Network Operations Center.
  • Enterprise Program Management – A dedicated project manager is the focal point to help drive the installation and adoption of the infrastructure across the enterprise to achieve business goals.
  • Installation Services – OSIsoft installs and upgrades the PI System software in a remote, automated manner whenever possible.
  • Technical Support Services – Support Services include 7x24 support access via phone, email and web interaction. In addition, customers receive 7x24 service from a remote Network Operations Center (NOC) to keep the PI Infrastructure operating at a high level of availability and performance.
  • Education Services – To achieve rapid rollout of the PI Infrastructure, customers receive access to offsite and onsite classes, CBT and Webinars.
  • Value Engineering Advisory Services – Customers gain access to the OSIsoft Center of Excellence (CoE) to assure the best integration of PI into business processes with minimal risk.

This Software plus Services approach enables customers to achieve greater value now and over time, by weaving real time information throughout the computing infrastructure and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time – so they can analyze, collaborate and act.

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Technology Integration

The ability to make decisions using real-time data helps manufacturers avoid costly downtime and compete in an ever-changing world and marketplace. Together, the OSIsoft PI System along with the latest Microsoft technologies help enterprise companies in the Manufacturing and Process sector solve major problems today by putting actionable, real-time data in the hands of the right people at the right time.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 represents the “command center” of the solution where any data source, including real-time PI data, is represented via easy-to-understand visualizations, graphs, dials, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This solution greatly simplifies the complexities of operational data and enables business decision makers and executives the ability to analyze and take action using real-time information.