Reimagining your business with today's technology

The ways which people use technology are blurring the lines between work and play, business and individual. With this shift comes opportunity, but it requires a thoughtful approach to several business scenarios. Explore how other Microsoft customers are reimagining their business and begin to imagine your own possibilities.

Unleash your people's creativity:

Enable employees to access their work apps from anywhere they get their best ideas, while staying connected with their peers, partners and customers around the world

Empowering an enterprise

Westfield Case Study

Inspire your customers:

Tap into the buzz on social networks and use analytics to act on valuable insights that enable decisions on new promotions and offers to your customers

Delivering a seamless experience

Weight Watcher Case Study

Identify opportunity with data:

Sharpen your decisions by making it easier for your business strategists to spot patterns and shifts in customer preferences through tools they use almost every day

Increasing insight and agility

The Weather Channel Case Study

Top Trends:

Big Data

Enterprise Social