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As the Corporate Vice President of the Worldwide Enterprise & Partner Group at Microsoft, Susan Hauser oversees sales and marketing activity that drives customer engagement and business growth for the Commercial Industry Sectors, Public Sector and the Global Accounts Organization. Under her leadership, 20,000 employees serve the needs of 12,000 customers across 105 countries contributing to more than one quarter of Microsoft’s annual revenue.

Latest Posts

7.18.2014Susan Hauser
MS researchers are applying learnings from web search to create enterprise productivity gains.
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7.16.2014Susan Hauser
Microsoft Research’s pioneering work in the area of neural networks has had a profound impact on speech recognition.
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7.14.2014Susan Hauser
Learn how Microsoft Research is shaping the next generation of communication and collaboration technologies.
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7.11.2014Susan Hauser
How Microsoft Research is utilizing predictive analysis to deliver enterprise impact.
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7.10.2014Susan Hauser
Microsoft’s open-ended approach to research encourages scientists to gain broad insights that have interesting effects on the company’s products and services.
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7.9.2014Susan Hauser
Discover how Microsoft Research turns ideas into reality through innovation for the enterprise.
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7.7.2014Susan Hauser
How the changing business climate is shifting expectations of the Chief Information Officer.
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6.19.2014Susan Hauser
Susan Hauser converses with Sogeti’s Michiel Boreel on how enterprises enable the possibilities of technology.
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6.19.2014Susan Hauser
Susan Hauser interviews the Carlsberg Group on the choice behind moving its business to the cloud.
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6.19.2014Susan Hauser
Susan Hauser continues her exploration of cloud-focused businesses with the Carlsberg Group.
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6.13.2014Susan Hauser
Susan Hauser interviews Toyota on their experience of transforming their business to the cloud.
6.3.2014Susan Hauser
London’s Metropolitan Police modernizes law enforcement with technology and innovation.
6.2.2014Susan Hauser
Watch Susan Hauser interview Cognizant on helping customers incorporate transformational cloud-based business strategies.
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5.29.2014Susan Hauser
The Internet of Things is integrating itself into the fabric of our world; are you ready?
4.7.2014Susan Hauser
Microsoft unveils the latest innovations for the broadcast media industry.
3.20.2014Susan Hauser
Why Susan Hauser wants to democratize insights by bringing data to 1 billion people.
2.10.2014Susan Hauser
Airlines around the world face tough competition, thin margins, increased passenger expectations and, as a result, are seeking new ways to achieve efficiencies while delivering great customer experiences.
1.9.2014Susan Hauser
Never before has there been such dramatic shifts in consumer shopping behavior, preferences, and expectations than at the present time.
12.23.2013Susan Hauser
So, with the New Year upon us, what trends should your business anticipate?
11.7.2013Susan Hauser
Shadow Microsoft CVP Susan Hauser to see how a comprehensive mobile strategy shapes her business.
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1.30.2013Susan Hauser
In my last two blogs I talked about moving to the cloud and the way in which mobility is changing the way we work. The explosion of data...
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