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Microsoft Vision for Enterprise Social

Welcome to a unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social and a chance to understand its implications for your organization.

Session Highlights:

  • IDC’s recent research results on Enterprise Social adoption in Asia Pacific
  • Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social and its business value, including demonstration
  • Unique opportunity to ask questions directly to Microsoft

Time: 10:00 AM (GMT+07:00)

Date: November 21, 2012

Social Networking technologies have evolved from tools used by people to maintain personal connections, to solutions used by employees to share ideas; nonetheless, most organizations have yet to define a comprehensive roadmap for using these technologies as solutions that break-down organizational silos and drive innovation.

Microsoft Asia Pacific is hosting a virtual event on November 21, 2012 to offer participants a unique opportunity to learn about Microsoft vision for Enterprise Social and discuss the implications to their own organization.

Why Attend?

Hear from IDC analyst about recent research among Asia Pacific businesses about their use of Enterprise Social solutions.

Hear from Microsoft executive about Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social solutions to transform the way people work.

See a demonstration of Enterprise Social solutions powered by Microsoft technologies. Listen from organizations about their use, adoption, and impact of Enterprise Social solutions.


Claus Mortensen
is the Principal at IDC Asia/Pacific Practice Group.

Jared Spataro
is Senior Director of Product Management for SharePoint, Project & Visio at Microsoft.

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