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Microsoft is Going Carbon Neutral

Microsoft instituted a companywide commitment to achieve carbon neutrality beginning in fiscal year 2013. The foundation of our commitment is an internal carbon fee, which places a price on carbon based on current market pricing for a portfolio of renewable energy and carbon offset projects.

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How is Microsoft making cities energy-smart?

More than half the world's people call cities home. And that figure is projected to grow in the coming years. As such, Microsoft is working to ensure cities adopt cloud computing and data management technologies that will address environmental challenges and help us achieve sustainability.

Find out how we're leveraging the cloud to make cities more energy efficient.

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How do our products and services help save energy?

We see information technology (IT) as a key tool that can help address the daunting energy and environmental challenges facing the world today. With a vast platform that spans core infrastructure, business productivity and applications, we help customers save energy, reduce carbon and cut IT costs.

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Who does Microsoft work with to enable environmental sustainability?

We work with technology partners, government agencies, nonprofits, policymakers and researchers to understand, measure, develop and deliver IT solutions that address environmental challenges.

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How does the cloud address environmental challenges?

When organizations move business applications to the cloud, they reduce energy use and their carbon footprints per user by at least 30 percent. For small businesses the result can be even more dramatic, with potential carbon savings of up to 90 percent per user.

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What can you do to recycle Microsoft hardware responsibly?

Whether your Microsoft hardware is ready to be recycled, or it has still got some life left and can be donated, we make it easy for you to find a local recycling program, charity or school in need.

Find out what you can do to recycle or donate our hardware.

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