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Save Energy

Organizations can reduce energy consumption and save money by taking advantage of built-in power management features, increasing server utilization and managing IT infrastructure for efficiency.

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Windows 7

Windows 7 helps decrease power consumption across the enterprise. The power management technologies in Windows 7 provide platform and processor efficiencies that reduce power consumption and can help lower energy costs.

Reduced power consumption
In our Windows 7 design, we invested in key power management features, including performance optimizations, idle resource utilization and device power management.

Enhanced user experience
Windows 7 provides enhanced processor power management to deliver energy savings and performance on portable computers and devices, thus enhancing and prolonging battery life.

Provide IT with better tools to manage power consumption
Windows 7 provides IT pros with the tools they need to configure and resolve issues with power management, including power-management diagnostics.

Learn more about power management in Windows 7

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The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative

The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative

By embracing IT energy efficiency in areas such as system architecture, hardware provisioning, software design, and operations, organizations can stretch their budgets and respond more rapidly to demands for additional services.

Check out the white paper (.pdf)

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Save Money (and the Planet) in the Cloud

Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon in the Cloud

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the way IT is managed and delivered. When organizations move business applications to the cloud, energy ...continue reading

Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon in the Cloud

use and the applications' carbon footprint per user is reduced by at least 30 percent. For small businesses the result can be even more dramatic, with potential carbon savings of up to 90 percent per user.

Learn about the environmental benefits of moving to the cloud (.pdf)