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A broad array of technology and application adapters are available for BizTalk Server to help connect your people, processes, and information together. With "out of the box" support for everything from transport protocols such as FTP, Web Services, and MQSeries, to high level integration with line of business applications such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel, BizTalk Server enables you to quickly connect your most mission critical systems.

  • BizTalk Adapter Pack

    The BizTalk Adapter Pack provides a single solution to easily and securely connect to Line of Business (LOB) data from any custom-developed .NET application, SQL Server–based business intelligence solution, or Office Business Application (OBA).

  • BizTalk 2010 Adapters

    Review this list for adapters now included in BizTalk Server 2010.

  • MSDN: Adapters Overview

    Visit the BizTalk Adapters page on MSDN to access all the product documentation, white papers, samples, and walkthroughs for BizTalk adapters and adapter development technologies.

  • Adapter Support Policy

    View support guidelines for Microsoft line-of-business (LOB) adapters and the Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack. These include policies related to service packs, changes to LOB target versions of a product, and deprecated adapters and features.