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Learn how you can use BizTalk Server in different scenarios and how other organizations are using it to effectively integrate their business processes and connect their systems and people.

  • See real world examples of how companies like yours are using BizTalk Server.

  • Learn how BizTalk Server helps organizations meet the challenges of creating automated business processes that connect diverse systems, empowering customers and employees while maximizing the value of existing investments. 

  • Learn how BizTalk Server works with the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vision and technology to help you realize a more agile and connected enterprise and discover integrated, easy to use business process management solutions.

  • The BizTalk ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) Toolkit is a collection of tools and libraries that extend the capability of BizTalk Server 2010 to support a loosely coupled and dynamic messaging architecture.

  • Unify your business-to-business platforms and enable your B2B integration using BizTalk Server.

  • The integration approach enables organizations to quickly add some Windows functionality to a mainframe application.

  • Learn how BizTalk can effectively integrate, automate and simplify business processes provided by SAP and help organizations increase productivity with a familiar environment and be strategically different from the competition.

  • Find out how other companies in your industry are using BizTalk Server. 

  • Combine BizTalk Server with other Microsoft products to meet your business needs.