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    Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 MOM 2005 MP-SPA.msi

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      The Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Management Pack helps you detect and respond to critical events generated by Office Project Server 2007. The Management Pack collects the events from the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 event logs and highlights events that might indicate possible service outages or configuration problems, so you can take action.

      No special configuration is required after you import the Management Pack. The default notification group for processing rule responses within this Management Pack is Microsoft Office Project Server Administrators. For information about adding operators to this notification group, see the Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 online help.

      This Management Pack quickly brings failures or configuration problems to your attention so you can proactively increase the availability and performance of Office Project Server 2007. This Management Pack also provides the knowledge and expertise you need to leverage MOM 2005 and get an immediate return on your investment.
      This Management Pack must be used in combination with the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Management Pack.

      Feature Bullet Summary:
      This Management Pack alerts you about the following critical conditions:
      • Active Directory synchronization failed
      • Cube build failed
      • Database connection failed
      • E-mail notification delivery failed
      • Project plans take a long time to open
      • Version incompatibilities exist between the client and server
      • Large number of queue jobs are failing
      • The Microsoft Office Project Server Queue service is not running
      • The Microsoft Office Project Server Events service is not running
      • Missing server-side event handlers
      • Project workspace creation failed
      • Project workspace user synchronization failed
  • Sistema operativo compatible

    Windows Server 2003

      Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
      Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Service Pack 1
    • Downloading the EXE
      To download the module:
      1. Click on the link to the right, and download the management pack module.
      2. On the Microsoft Operations Manager server (DCAM), click on the executable to extract the files into a temporary directory.

      Importing a Management Pack Module
      You can import this management pack module using the Microsoft Operations Manager administrative console and following these steps :

      1. Open the Microsoft Operations Manager administrative MMC console.
      2. Expand the Microsoft Operations Manager (Default) node.
      3. Expand the Rules sub-node.
      4. Select the Processing Rule Groups sub-node.
      5. Right click on the Processing Rule Groups sub-node and then select the Import Management Pack option.

      Follow the instructions until you have finished importing the management pack module.