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No importa el tamaño o la finalidad de la instalación de Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, los Partners pueden ayudarle a evaluar, planificar, implementar y administrar la misma. Encuentre al Partner adecuado gracias a la aplicación Pinpoint.

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With SQL Server 2008 R2, we can identify areas where we are failing to get a return on investment. We can then reallocate these resources to make sure everything is as cost-effective as possible.

Francisco SerraHead of IT Strategy

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Value of earning a competency guide(1.51mb pdf)Partners with advanced competencies showcase best-in-class solutions that have undergone a rigorous and auditable approval process to demonstrate value to prospective customers.

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HP and Microsoft are committed to helping companies dramatically simplify the use of technology through integrated application packages, unified management, and comprehensive virtualization.


Temenos supports and works with the leaders in the field to ensure that Microsoft customers are able to choose the combination that best fits their needs. The company delivers core banking solutions with TEMENOS T24 and Microsoft SQL Server to large-scale banks worldwide.


Microsoft and Capgemini have collaborated since 1997 to help organizations take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies to achieve competitive advantage, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works simplifies the adoption of Microsoft BI with transparently priced training, tools, and implementation services.