Use License Mobility to:

  • Extend the value of your server application license by deploying them on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Take advantage of the lowest cost computing infrastructure for changing business priorities.

With License Mobility, you can deploy certain server application licenses on-premises or in the cloud. If you deploy in the cloud, you can assign your existing licenses to an authorized service provider’s server farm.

Learn more about the Steps for Customers.

Learn more about the Steps for Partners.

Enabling license mobility is certainly a big step in the right direction. It will help drive cloud adoption on the Microsoft platform, and Fasthosts is excited to bring these benefits to customers.

Before you use:

Enhancing deployment value
When you carry Software Assurance on qualified Microsoft Server Applications, you can assign instances of your existing licenses to run in a shared datacenter. This helps lower your cloud infrastructure costs by letting the service provider use your existing licenses so that you do not get charged for new ones.

Flexible deployment choices for application server software:
By extending "license mobility" to the cloud, Software Assurance gives you a deployment choice between on-premises and any authorized Service Providers' Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.

Provider supplies Windows Server Licenses
Products—like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange—that are identified as eligible for License Mobility within Server Farms in the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR) document will be available for License Mobility. However, because Windows Server is provided to you by the Service Provider (as a part of their infrastructure software) it is not part of License Mobility.

When you use:

Deploy with a Microsoft Service Provider
To take advantage of License Mobility, you can work with any authorized Service Provider or Reseller. They need to have a current Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement in place to accept your assigned licenses and deploy them as appropriate to your chosen partner hosting solution.

Assign your Licenses
Once you have identified your hosting service provider, simply document your license assignment by completing a form once this benefit becomes available in July 2011.

What do customers need to verify their licenses?

The following information is for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers who want to deploy their dedicated application server workloads with a service provider by using License Mobility through Software Assurance.

The following are the steps to take to move your licenses to the cloud.

1. Assess Your Licenses

Work with your licensing procurement team or your Large Account Reseller (LAR) to see your license position. You should:

  • Know which licenses are mobile as identified in the Product Use Rights (PUR).

  • Have active Software Assurance on the application server licenses you want to use for your dedicated application.

2. Choose a Partner

Download the list of authorized License Mobility partners. The list of authorized partners will be available beginning in July 2011 and will be updated on a monthly basis.

3. Deploy with Your Partner

Your Volume Licensing licenses can be deployed on the service provider’s infrastructure once you have confirmed that you meet the requirements above and have chosen a partner.

4. Verify Your Licenses

In October 2011, the verification process will be in place and you will need to fill out the verification form and provide it to Microsoft to confirm your eligibility.

Stay tuned for more information on the verification process

What if I am already working with a service provider partner who is not on the authorized list?

If you are already working with a partner who is not an authorized License Mobility partner, the partner needs to go to their SPLA Reseller to complete the addendum to the SPLA Agreement.

Who can answer my questions?

  • For questions about the verification process, contact your LAR.

  • For questions about your Volume Licensing agreement, contact your Microsoft Volume Licensing account manager.

  • For questions about deploying via a Microsoft Authorized License Mobility partner, contact your partner of choice.

  • For all other questions, contact Microsoft Customer Support.

What do partners need to do to host license mobility customers?

To host License Mobility through Software Assurance for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers, you must be a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) partner and you must complete the License Mobility partner authorization process and agree to its requirements.

How do SPLA partners become authorized?

To become an authorized License Mobility through Software Assurance partner you must sign an addendum to your SPLA. The authorization remains in effect until your SPLA expires. Contact your reseller or Microsoft account manager to obtain the addendum.

How does a customer know who is authorized?

The list of authorized partners will be available beginning in July 2011 and will be updated monthly.

How do I get onto the list of authorized partners?

Partners whose authorization addenda have been accepted and processed by Microsoft will be placed on the authorized partner list according to the monthly refresh cycle as stated in the License Mobility through Software Assurance Partner Program Guide.

Where can I direct my customers for more information about license mobility?

You can direct them to the License Mobility through Software Assurance Overview, the Product Use Rights or the reseller who manages their current license agreement.

For more information, see:

License Mobility FAQs for Partners

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