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        Mobile Favorites at Your Fingertips!
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      Windows 2000; Windows 98; Windows ME; Windows XP

      • Download this easy Favorites link to experience rich media and Pocket PC optimized sites.

        To Download from your Device:
        Upon tapping a download link to the CAB file in Pocket IE (while connected with your Pocket PC), you will be prompted to either download or install the file. It is important that the checkbox "Open file after" download is checked for the install to work properly.
        There is no confirmation after installation is done. The installation progress bar disappears and the shortcut can be found in the Favorites window. The Favorites window now contains the link.

        To Download from your PC:
        The ActiveSync install (.exe file) can be downloaded to the PC and started later or opened directly in Internet Explorer from the PC. Upon
        starting it, you will be prompted for the folder (on the PC) where the install files should go. After copying the files, the installer launches the Windows CE Application Manager to copy the program to the Pocket PC and install it there. You will be prompted again whether the program should be installed to the application default directory (in internal memory of the Pocket PC) or one of its storage cards (if available). The CE App Manager is familiar to all Pocket PC users that have already installed software. After choosing the installation location, the CAB file will be copied to the Pocket PC and installed. From this point, the result is the same as in the secnario described above - install progress bar, shortcut in Favorites menu.

        To Remove:
        Both installations can be removed from the Pocket PC by using the Remove Programs dialog and selecting "Microsoft Optimized Wi-Fi Sites".

      • Click here to install this download over the air.

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