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About the author

Cornelia Kutterer
Senior Policy Counsel

Cornelia Kutterer is Director of Regulatory Policy for Microsoft EMEA, responsible for security and data access governance issues, as well as child safety and consumer policies. She has long standing experience in Information Society regulatory policies at EU level and represents Microsoft at various trade organisations. She currently chairs the privacy & security working group at TechAmerica and serves as Vice-President for Edima.Previously, Cornelia was Head of Legal Department and Senior Legal Advisor at BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, driving the policy agenda for consumers’ digital life and consumer protection laws. She was a member of the Permanent Stakeholder Group of Enisa representing users in security matters. She has also gained experience in a top 10 law firm in the fields of competition law, intellectual property and e-commerce and in a German trade organisation focusing on the freedom of services. She started her professional career in the European Parliament as a political advisor to a MEP in 1997.

Cornelia Kutterer is a qualified German lawyer, and holds a master’s degree in information technology and communication laws. She studied law at the Universities of Passau, Porto (Portugal), Hamburg and Strathclyde (UK).

Author's entries

  • Europe takes leadership on Cybersecurity

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 07 Feb. 2013

    This morning, the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have adopted a Communication on Cyber Security and a complementary proposal for a Directive on measures to ensure a high common level of cyber security across the EU. 


  • Safer Internet Day 2013 - the challenges of today’s digital world

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Feb. 2013


  • Kid’s corner on Windows Phone 8 – our next deliverable to the CEO coalition

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Nov. 2012

    The children of today are citizens of a digital era. Children now have the opportunity to learn in both fun and interactive ways. They can explore and develop their passions in a manner that not long ago would have been either unaffordable or simply unavailable.


  • Making the Internet a safer place for children - second update on our efforts in support of the CEO coalition initiated by Vice President Kroes

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 15 May 2012

    The Commission recently launched a new strategy for a safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers.  This new strategy seeks to accomplish a few objectives.


  • A Dialogue on Digital Values – Securely connected

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 23 May 2011

    Spurred by pressing questions about Internet security and fundamental rights, our second digital values event “Securely Connected” brought together key stakeholders from EU institutions, industry and NGOs to discuss the security challenges consumers face in an increasingly connected world


  • A debate on digital values – trust

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 16 Feb. 2011


  • Digital Values series: Securely Connected

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 14 Feb. 2011

    The online world allows for people to be more connected than ever before. On the other hand, increasing connectivity intensifies the security risks.


  • Digital Values series: Human Trust

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 17 Jan. 2011

    Just how strong is trust in a modern society? The more we depend on technologies to carry out or mediate our everyday activities, the more we need to make sure that we trust them to do so. How do you inspire user trust without any face-to-face contact? Do we need trustmarks or rather trust user experience?


  • Video on raising awareness and strengthening privacy policies - a multi-stakeholder exercise

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 25 May 2010

    As our use of the Internet and related technologies evolves, so do our privacy needs and concerns – and possibly too the need to adapt the legal framework.   


  • A right to original software: Consumer Action Day

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 04 March 2010

    Last month we organized an event at the European Parliament hosted by Bill Newton-Dunn MEP on the occasion of a Microsoft worldwide campaign against counterfeit software with the real victim of counterfeits at its center - the end-consumer.


  • Data Protection Day in Europe and around the world

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Feb. 2010

    Last week turned into a seriously busy week as the Council of Europe and the European Commission celebrated the 4th Data Protection Day. We (Microsoft) were there too,   because we are deeply committed to engage on this important issue.


  • THINK PRIVACY: And the nominees are …….

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 25 Jan. 2010

    This week, we will see a very busy Data Protection Day.


  • Data Protection Day 2010 - Think Privacy Campaign

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 14 Jan. 2010

    New videos regarding Data Potection Day 2010 and the importance of data and online privacy!