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About the author

Kumardev Chatterjee
Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum

Kumardev Chatterjee, is the Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF, which he setup in 2010 when he was 31 years old. At EYIF, as President, Kumardev leads the setup and management of strategy, direction, organisational objectives and performance. He is responsible for the management of EYIF's key stakeholder relationships with the European Commission, US State Department, Fortune 100 and 500 Chairpersons and CEOs, and large European and International organisations like the European Investment Fund, OECD and other strategic partners. He represents EYIF on various Expert Groups and Stakeholder Committees of the European Commission in the areas of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ICT, in particular related to web-entrepreneurship (DG Connect) and Digital Entrepreneurship (DG Enterprise and Industry). He leads the management of EYIF's broad community of young innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and led Europe's first-ever delegation of Young Innovators on a joint US State Department-EYIF program, the InnotourUSA.
Kumardev holds a MSc. in Computer Science, specialised in Data Communications, Networks and Distributed Systems (DCNDS) from University College London (UCL) where he studied as a British Chevening Science Scholar.  Kumardev is a European Commission recognised, independent Expert. He is also a Steering Committee Member of the German Marshall Fund for their prestigious Brussels Forum (YPS).

Kumardev has been engaged in both the entrepreneurial world and the ICT industry from the age of 19 when he started his first for-profit company as well as his career in the ICT industry as the youngest team member at Adobe during his Bachelors in Computer Science studies. Since then, Kumardev has built up 10+ years of international experience (EU, US, UK, China, India), in public, private and non-profit sectors across both the entrepreneurial world and in the corporate space. Continuing this dual-involvement trend thorough-out his career, he is also currently, Programme Manager and Senior Enterprise Architect at THALES.

Kumardev setup and managed his first for-profit company, an internet consulting and application house, Equinox InfoWorld, in 1999. Kumardev setup and managed his first non-profit venture,, an online technology magazine launched in January 2000 targeted at IT students and computing enthusiasts.

Kumardev’s success as a young entrepreneur was recognised and he was featured in a leading National newspaper in 2000. Kumardev has made two completely new short films from scratch.  The last film-interactive culture project, aimed at the EU’s 50th Anniversary, was titled ‘In-Transit’ and shot entirely in HDTV (cutting-edge at that time). It was selected for screening at the Short Film Corner of the 60th Cannes Film Festival. The film was supplemented by an interactive website to foster cultural expression, promote intercultural dialogue, cultural awareness and encourage young Europeans to participate in public life and in decision-making. The project won explicit support of top European leaders like José Manuel BARROSO, Josep BORELL, Margaret WALLSTRÖM, Viviane REDING, Benita Ferrero-WALDNER and Jan FIGEL. The project was supported by Microsoft Europe and the film is still available on DVD.

Author's entries

  • Europe’s growth and renewal depends on its youth taking risks for innovation and entrepreneurship

    Kumardev Chatterjee Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum - 28 March 2013