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  • German hospital network increases data security and access, while cutting costs

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 16 Aug. 2012

    A network of hospitals and health care facilities in Germany used cloud computing to increase their access to files in a reliable and secure way while lowering IT costs.


  • Making Ministry of Education website cope when exam results are out

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 03 Aug. 2012

    In this case study you can read about how through cloud computing, SIVECO Romania’s solution helped the Ministry of Education lower costs and offer new and more reliable services to the public.


  • UNConvention gives Europe’s young entrepreneurs a voice

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 22 June 2012

    It may be a cliché, but our collective future really does depend on the brightest and best of youthful talent. Here in Europe, Microsoft has initiated a huge focus on nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, across a wide variety of projects and programs. Our latest involvement is at the UN Convention Young Innovators event taking place in Brussels 26-27 June.


  • The story continues for Italian BizSpark start-up winners

    Bindi Karia VC/Emerging Business lead, Microsoft UK - 30 May 2012


  • BizSpark: realising the full potential of start-ups in Europe

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 16 May 2012


  • Portuguese Hospital moves to the cloud to be more efficient in tough economic times

    Rui Gomes Director of Technology & Information Systems, Hospital Fernando Fonseca - 16 May 2012

    Back in 2010, I had a vision to build an information system that would advance the pace of delivering quality healthcare and challenge the perception that public institutions are slow moving.


  • Building better broadband for Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 24 April 2012

    Faced with economic malaise, Europe needs to fully harness all of its natural resources. One vital and valuable resource that remains underused is TV-band and other spectrum.


  • Transformative technology for active and healthy ageing

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 20 April 2012


  • Ubiquitous Computing: serving user needs anytime, anywhere

    Cornelia Kutterer & Fabien Petitcolas Senior Policy Counsel & Director for Innovation, Europe - 13 April 2012


  • Better, faster, cheaper! Eliminating the hassle in public administrations

    Karen McCandless News Editor of Touch magazine, Editor of - 20 Feb. 2012


  • North Rhine-Westphalia Police delivers mobile innovation to its employees and residents

    Wayne Phillips Industry Lead, Public Safety and National Security business, Microsoft EMEA - 15 Feb. 2012

    The North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Police is the largest police force in Germany with 50,000 police officers serving about 19 million people. The NRW Police uses technologies that benefit their constituents, and mobile technology is one of them.


  • Encouraging disruptive innovation

    Juliano Tubino Worldwide Director, Innovation and Emerging Business, Microsoft - 13 Feb. 2012

    I had the pleasure to attend TEDx in Athens, Greece, and present a topic that is dear to my heart: disruptive innovation.


  • Efficient ICT solutions for a stronger European economy

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 24 Jan. 2012


  • Emerging markets - what’s in a name?

    Don Grantham President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - 20 Jan. 2012


  • Irish airline and developers capitalizes on cloud to grow its business

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 16 Dec. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about how  Aer Lingus scales up their operations with cloud computing and improves customer experience to drive revenue for the company.


  • Natural Computing: Natural User Interfaces open up enormous opportunities to address societal and economic challenges

    Cornelia Kutterer & Fabien Petitcolas Senior Policy Counsel & Director for Innovation, Europe - 16 Dec. 2011

    Early December 2011, we started a new guest speakers’ series to talk about future technology trends and their impact on our work and life.


  • Partnering for better health

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 16 Dec. 2011

    The challenges posed by Europe’s ageing population are pushing policymakers to act quickly before the health systems become unsustainable. This drive for improved efficiency and cost effectiveness in healthcare systems is increasingly encouraging stakeholders to embrace technology-based health solutions.


  • Belgacom gains holistic view of IT systems and stays competitive with cloud

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 16 Dec. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about Belgacom, a telecommunications company being able to focus on increasing competiveness after unifying its IT systems with cloud computing.


  • Pioneers for IT services for the public sector use cloud to cut costs and improve service

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 Dec. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about London Borough of Newham’s leading example of utilizing cloud computing in public sector services and sharing technology with neighbouring boroughs which has resulted in improved service delivery and digital engagement with its citizens.


  • Virtual climate summits to cut carbon emissions

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 13 Dec. 2011


  • Working together from COP17 to help save tomorrow

    Ludo De Bock Senior Director EU/NATO MS Corp - 02 Dec. 2011


  • Transformative Consumer Technologies: Natural Computing

    Events - 29 Nov. 2011


  • The future of gaming in Europe - finding the “Angry Birds” of tomorrow

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 23 Nov. 2011


  • Irish music industry gains transparency with cloud computing

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 18 Nov. 2011


  • Exploring the sustainable society of tomorrow

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 18 Nov. 2011


  • Partnering for Better Health: improving care, accelerating growth and efficiency

    Events - 10 Nov. 2011


  • Will the cookies crumble?

    Futures - 10 Nov. 2011

    Visit a website, get a cookie. You can’t see it, but it is a small file that is installed on your computer whenever you browse a travel site, buy books online or search for a new refrigerator. The cookie remembers you, allowing the site to store information about you and your preferences – and making you a better advertising target.


  • Survival skills for the digital age

    Futures - 09 Nov. 2011


  • Europe’s brightest start-ups pitch and impress on Wall Street Journal’s Europe tour

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 03 Nov. 2011

    Wall Street Journal Tech Europe has become established as one of THE go-to places to find about the challenges and trends facing Europe’s ICT start-up community.  It’s also a great showcase for some of the brightest and best examples in the region.


  • Eye On Health in Germany with cloud computing

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 31 Oct. 2011


  • Big ideas for growth and innovation

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 17 Oct. 2011

    How can we make our economies succeed, provide jobs and build for the future?  These are the big questions on government leaders’ minds this year – not to mention those of business and of people everywhere.


  • Making buildings energy-smart at Microsoft

    Josh Henretig Group Manager, Environmental Sustainability - 12 Oct. 2011


  • Czech cloud innovator helping businesses save time and money

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 05 Oct. 2011

    I am coming back with another example of an innovative business that helps build the European cloud market, Cigler Software.


  • Why national policies and business models must align to bring e-Health innovation into the mainstream

    Bill Crounse Senior Director, Worldwide Health - 04 Oct. 2011


  • Who’s in charge here? Consumers driving corporate technology purchases

    Futures - 30 Sept. 2011

    More than 100 million people in Western Europe will buy a smartphone this year. Within minutes of opening the package they will be setting up connections to mail servers, downloading third-party applications and synchronising music and games with their existing online life.


  • Cloud helps the City of Madrid stay green, one tree at a time

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 Sept. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about how a Madrid based company has developed a cloud solution to enable its 17,000 residents help the city council maintain its 245,000 trees and keep the city green, with the help of an innovative SME – Tecnigral .


  • Tech on Tour: Wall Street Journal to meet Europe’s start-up community

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 09 Sept. 2011

    10 capitals in just 20 days: this is the plan of Ben Rooney, editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Tech Europe, with the aim “to take the temperature of the continent and talk to the hottest start-ups in the coolest places.”  Starting on September 10th in Tel Aviv, the tour ends of 30 Sept in Dublin, fitting in Istanbul, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tallinn, Moscow, Berlin and Barcelona in between.


  • The imperative of energy efficient IT

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 23 Aug. 2011


  • The smart way to roll out smart grids

    Klaus Holse Andersen VP Western Europe - 18 Aug. 2011

    Governments around the world are racing to invest in smart electricity grids to reduce energy consumption and battle climate change. The European Union’s Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan includes a €2 billion investment in smart grids over the next ten years. By 2020, the EU aims to have smart meters in 80 per cent of homes.


  • Cybercriminals versus the good guys

    Futures - 05 Aug. 2011

    Scammers are getting more clever. But software companies and policymakers are becoming smarter too.


  • Microsoft invests in Connected Health

    Alex Gray Senior Marketing Manager Microsoft EMEA - 04 Aug. 2011


  • How does Windows 7 manage power and use energy efficiently?

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 08 July 2011

    Microsoft’s latest products are geared towards enabling users to be more productive and to do their work faster and more efficiently. But as well as being user-friendly, its products have also been specifically crafted to manage power efficiently, reducing both energy use and your overall electricity bill.


  • What a difference a year makes for the 2010 BizSpark Summit entrepreneurs

    Claire Lee Emerging Business International Lead - 08 July 2011

    With this year’s edition of the European BizSpark Summit just behind us, we wanted to see what winning the competition meant for last years’ finalists.


  • From fifteen to one, the champion of the European BizSpark Summit

    Claire Lee Emerging Business International Lead - 01 July 2011

    To paraphrase Fidelity Growth Partners Europe’s Simon Clark, one of the judges at this year's BizSpark European Summit: it’s pretty tough pitching your business to a panel of seasoned investors in five minutes, with over two hundred people watching – media, VC’s, and movers and shakers from the tech industry.


  • How TV White Spaces can bring broadband to all

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 26 June 2011

    Several of the EU’s biggest tech and media companies join together to explore use of TV white spaces spectrum to help meet the fast rising demand for broadband and therefore meet Europe 2020 targets for broadband coverage.


  • Inspiring the next generation of scientists

    Dorothee Belz Vice President Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft Corporation in Europe  - 24 June 2011

    Educate, inspire, connect – three words that describe the unique summit taking place this year: the 61st annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.  It is an exceptional conference which illustrates just how meaningful and fascinating science is for society.


  • Working smarter for a more competitive Europe

    Klaus Holse Andersen VP Western Europe - 20 June 2011


  • Current trends in European funding for smart and sustainable growth

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 14 June 2011

    I’m glad to see that alongside the topic of sustainable cloud computing, a central theme at this year’s BizSpark Summit will be on funding solutions for small and medium-size businesses (SMEs). It needs to be discussed.


  • eGovernment in times of economic challenges

    Ruediger Dorn Director Innovation, WW Technology Office MS Corp - 09 June 2011

    The Centre for eGovernance Development in Ljubljana and the Austrian Computer Society in Vienna have co-organised the 9th Eastern European eGov Days on "eGovernment in Times of Economic Challenges”.


  • Smart use of technology helps improve work environment

    Frank Abbenhuijs Microsoft Human Resources - 30 May 2011


  • Europe earns lion’s share of innovation competition finalists

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 26 May 2011


  • The final 15: the start-ups chosen to present at this year’s BizSpark European Summit

    Stefan Lindeberg Director, Emerging Business - 20 May 2011


  • WoHIT puts patients at the center of EU health

    Bill Crounse Senior Director, Worldwide Health - 13 May 2011

    It feels like the past two days in Budapest, Hungary, have gone by in the blink of an eye; in this case a somewhat droopy, red and tired pair of eyes. Let me start with a gigantic thank you to the many customers, partners, clinicians, EU officials, press and others who engaged with me and my Microsoft colleagues during the World of Health IT (WoHIT).


  • On the way to Budapest to re-design the EU health landscape

    Bill Crounse Senior Director, Worldwide Health - 04 May 2011


  • Building the future of European e-health in South Eastern Europe

    Tanya Znamenskaya Industry Manager Health and Social Service Central - 21 April 2011


  • Information technology skills boost innovation

    Andrew Herbert Chairman, Microsoft Research EMEA - 20 April 2011


  • Toyota and Microsoft accelerate into cloud-enabled car technology

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 18 April 2011

    Environmental futurists have said smart cars will increasingly be able to provide drivers GPS information that will help avoid and create traffic.


  • We are moving forward on cloud computing in Europe on all levels

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 06 April 2011

    If ever proof was needed of the importance of cloud computing to local regional and national governments, then I heard a wealth of evidence during my visit to Rome today.


  • Helping the next generation of start-ups in Portugal

    Henrique Carreiro Academic Evangelist, Microsoft Portugal - 06 April 2011

    Portugal has appeared in the news a lot in recent months due to its severe economic problems, but what is perhaps less well-known that Portugal has a high level of university education. In this recession we are seeing that many students are starting their own companies when they graduate, rather than trying fight for scarce employment vacancies.


  • The momentum of cloud computing in the public sector

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 22 March 2011


  • European citizens help scientists predict the impact of climate change

    Tony Hey Corporate VP, Microsoft Research Connections - 24 Feb. 2011

    A recent article in The Guardian has profiled how, thanks to an Oxford University project supported by the European Commission and Microsoft Research, citizens now have the opportunity to help scientists track the regional and local weather events caused by climate change. 


  • Microsoft Ireland going green!

    Josh Henretig Group Manager, Environmental Sustainability - 18 Feb. 2011

    At Microsoft, we are committed to software and technology innovation that helps people and organizations improve the environment. We work closely with governments, NGOs, businesses and academia, on the best ways to use technology with the aim to resolve issues facing the environment such as climate change and energy sustainability.


  • A debate on digital values – trust

    Cornelia Kutterer Director of Digital Policy for Microsoft EMEA - 16 Feb. 2011


  • Privacy and Innovation

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 Feb. 2011

    The protection of one’s personal information continues to garner attention as online services become increasing popular, whether it be social networking, communications via smartphone, or other aspects of cloud computing.