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  • Heads app developers!

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 07 Nov. 2013


  • Announcing Microsoft Ventures for startups to build, innovate and grow

    Rahul Sood General Manager, Microsoft Startups - 26 June 2013


  • GameIn - the new approach to games

    Soha Hohnecker Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft - 01 Feb. 2013

    Most students graduate facing the challenge of getting a job, but for Chai Botta, the CEO of GameIn this isn’t a problem.  He and his co-founders are already running their own successful start-up, with a fast-growing game in the Windows 8 store, even though some of them are still in full-time education, including Chai. 


  • Italian company makes digital publishing fast and easy through the cloud

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 18 Dec. 2012

    Publishers are keen to take advantage of the mobile revolution and get their content available on smartphones and tablets, but this can be a laborious, time-consuming and expensive process. With Paperlit’s cloud-based service, publishers only upload content once to make it available to millions of tablet, smartphone and Facebook users.


  • Europe is a hub for mobile innovation

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 14 Dec. 2012

    Recently, we launched Windows Phone 8, so it seems timely to put the spotlight on mobile innovation in Europe. And the good news is that mobile apps are driving some great opportunities for start-ups and students across the region.


  • No compromise experience with Windows 8

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 26 Oct. 2012

    Today Windows 8 really comes to life as our customers are able to choose from more than 1,000 new Windows 8 devices across a variety of form factors that offer them a no compromise experience.


  • Preparing for Europe 2020 jobs

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 05 Jan. 2011

    Many of the jobs in the next two decades simply do not exist today. Regardless of economic sector - retail, automotive, logistics, tourism, manufacturing or telecom- the transformation of industrial processes is upon us! However- are Europeans equipped and in the right skills ‘gear’ for a more digitally driven economy?


  • Mapping pathways to employment: connecting students to careers

    Kimberly Voltero & Lorna White - 23 Nov. 2010

    Did you know that 77 percent of jobs will require technology skills in the next five years as predicted by experts?  (Source: IDC)  That's one of the reasons Microsoft is working to help students get low-cost training and certifications that are crucial for today's job market and the next generation of young innovators.


  • In Steve Ballmer’s own words: DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS!

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 01 April 2010

    Developers are the lifeblood of Microsoft. I know, I know, it’s a well-worn Microsoft mantra but believe me, it’s never been more true. Today, the hunger for new technologies is only growing.