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  • My meeting with European Commissioner Hedegaard

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 09 June 2011

    I was recently at a roundtable meeting with Connie Hedegaard, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and many companies representing the financial, manufacturing, technology and transport sectors and NGOs. Part of the discussion was on the EU’s carbon emissions reduction target for 2020 and a move from 20% to 30%.


  • Microsoft and the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week

    Jim Beveridge Director of International Technology Affairs - 12 April 2011

    The EU’s Sustainable Energy Week is in town: Brussels and 44 European countries are hosting a wide range of events and attracting thousands of people to take part in sessions which highlight the urgent need to improve energy efficient as part of global efforts to combat climate change.


  • Going Green – ICT enabling a cleaner and energy efficient economy

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 29 Nov. 2010

    On November 8-11, I took part in the 2010 Care Innovation summit on ‘Going Green’, held this year in Vienna. Participants from across the ICT sector attended the two-day event to better understand how our sector should be part of the answer to reduce greenhouse gases and not part of the problem.


  • What is the Carbon Disclosure Project?

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 22 July 2010

    How do you hit a carbon emissions target if you don’t know how much you are producing? This question was answered by the Carbon Disclosure Project that transparently publishes the carbon emissions of 2,500 organizations in some 60 countries around the world.


  • Video interview: Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Strategist on ICT and a cleaner economy

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 30 June 2010


  • Keeping an eye on the environment

    Futures - 27 May 2010


  • Fiat EcoDrive Video

    Videos - 11 March 2010

    Fiat Ecodrive lets you record your driving information on a usb stick and then use this information find out how to lower your driving emissions on your PC.


  • Map my climate

    Videos - 19 Feb. 2010

    New and unique climate site illustrates for the first time in 3D how climate change affects you, your city and your home - and what you can do to protect the global environment


  • Low carbon: Public-private partnerships take up the challenge

    Futures - 01 Dec. 2009

    Big challenges can encourage big solutions, and at the end of last year there was no challenge bigger than Europe’s response to the economic turmoil caused by the global credit crisis.


  • A new in-car software application helps drivers reduce CO2 emissions

    Editor - 01 Sept. 2009