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  • Translating good intentions into effective cybersecurity policy

    Scott Charney Corporate Vice President of Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft - 05 June 2013

    Governments around the world are considering regulatory changes in an effort to reduce cybersecurity risk; in fact, more than 40 governments are working on cybersecurity plans, policies, and/or regulations.


  • European Union check-up: Romania still tops the list of most infected in the EU

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 30 May 2013


  • Microsoft takes Botnet Threat Intelligence Program to the Cloud; Provides near real-time data

    TJ Campana Director of Security, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit - 29 May 2013

    Protecting people is at the forefront of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit’s fight against cybercrime.  When we launched the Project MARS (Microsoft Active Response for Security) program in 2010 to proactively combat botnets, we knew that cleaning the malware-infected computers of people around the world was just as important as disrupting the threats.


  • Europe’s online economy growing at more than 10% per year

    Siada El Ramly EDiMA Director General - 26 April 2013


  • What are the policy considerations in enabling Big Data?

    C. Kutterer,EU Inst Relations;C. Nguyen,Technology Policy;P.Haynes,US-R&D Advanced Strategies&Policy - 16 April 2013


  • Big data: The next big ICT policy debate in Brussels

    C. Kutterer,EU Inst Relations;C. Nguyen,Technology Policy;P.Haynes,US-R&D Advanced Strategies&Policy - 12 April 2013

    In recent years, cloud computing has captured much of policy makers’ attention. With its massive datacenters, the Internet cloud delivers virtually infinite resources, providing the storage capacity to orchestrate massive flow of information and, most importantly, providing an elasticity of computing resources that cuts costs for businesses and government alike.


  • Careful steps toward an EU patent

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 29 March 2013

    The EU and, before that, the European Community, have been talking since the 1960s about the possibility of a single patent that covers its whole territory. As it stands now, only one aspect of getting a patent here is centralised: You can go to the European Patent Office and have your application examined one time rather than in multiple countries.


  • Digital Agenda review and 2013 ‘digital’ priorities: future innovation is key

    Jean-Jacques Sahel Director, EMEA Policy and International Organisations - 01 March 2013


  • Youth, parents, teachers, schools: take note of a new online bullying report

    Jacqueline Beauchere Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft - 19 Feb. 2013


  • Making progress on web accessibility across Europe

    James Thurston Director, International Accessibility Policy - 12 Feb. 2013


  • Windows 8 family safety settings help keep kids safer online

    Jacqueline Beauchere Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft - 10 Jan. 2013


  • Hope and despair in Europolis

    Jonathan Zuck - 13 Dec. 2012

    Landing at Zaventem airport during a snow storm last week, I suddenly felt as though the Euro crisis had taken physical form. Europe seemed stuck in a permanent winter since 2008 with no warmth in sight. Worse still, it seemed as though some of the EU’s politicians were busy perfecting ice-maker policies rather than helping to fix the central heating. 


  • Advancing privacy in Europe and a new era of personal computing

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 07 Dec. 2012

    It’s an important time for privacy in Europe and globally, and I want to share few of my insights from recent events in Brussels we organized around Privacy and the revision of the EU Data Protection Directive.


  • The importance of ‘Notice and Action’ in addressing illegal internet content

    Chris Oldknow Enforcement Policy Counsel - 30 Nov. 2012


  • Cyber-threats in the European Union: first half 2012

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 22 Oct. 2012

    I have written about the threat landscape in the European Union (EU) before, focused on the first and second half of 2011.


  • Ideas Matter – and Intellectual Property Matters – to Innovative SMEs

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 11 Oct. 2012

    October 15-21 marks SME Week in the European Union!  This is a time for the EU to recognise, promote and help small and medium-sized businesses, which are so important for Europe’s innovation, competitiveness, jobs and overall welfare.


  • Europe’s future growth is in the cloud

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 27 Sept. 2012

    The European Central Bank’s proposal to buy unlimited amounts of crisis-hit government bonds has provided a glimmer of light through the shadows of the financial downturn. In the long term however, it’s clear that Europe must re-engineer its economy to achieve sustainable economic growth and abate record-high unemployment levels, especially among young people.


  • Net Neutrality: As the discussion matures, who will be the winners?

    Ajit Jaokar Director of futuretext - 07 Sept. 2012

    The Net Neutrality discussion has always been emotive on both sides (Internet providers & users, and Telecoms). However, the discussion has now matured.


  • Digital Agenda Assembly: and now for some action

    Jean-Jacques Sahel Director, EMEA Policy and International Organisations - 23 Aug. 2012

    Late June several hundred academics, entrepreneurs, regulators, politicians, civil society and other ‘digital enthusiasts’ met in Brussels for the second annual Digital Agenda Assembly, led by the European Commission.


  • New Microsoft Malware Protection Center Threat Report published: EyeStye

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 30 July 2012


  • The threat landscape shifts significantly in the European Union - Part 3

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 24 July 2012

    In the first two parts of this three part series I focused on the locations in the European Union (EU) that had the highest malware infection rates and/or saw the highest increases in malware infection rates in the second half of 2011.


  • 1995–2012: from a directive to a regulation, the Microsoft perspective

    Jean Gonié & Peter Cullen Director of Privacy, EU affairs & General Manager Trustworthy Computing and Chief Privacy Strategist - 17 July 2012

    On 25 January 2012, the European Commission unveiled a comprehensive proposal to modernize its 17-year-old data protection regime. Given the vast technological and societal changes that have occurred since Directive 95/46 went into effect, this is a vitally important effort, and the stakes are high.


  • The threat landscape shifts significantly in the European Union - Part 2

    Tim Rains , Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 13 July 2012

    In part 1 of this series on the threat landscape in the European Union in the second half of 2011, I examined the threats in the location with the highest malware infection rate, Romania.


  • Why cloud customers can’t ignore model clauses, especially now

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 06 July 2012


  • The threat landscape shifts significantly in the European Union - Part 1

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 27 June 2012


  • Breaking the growth deadlock

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 12 June 2012

    Where Europe succeeds, we succeed


  • Cooperation is key for fighting cybercrime

    Bill Harmon Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit - 06 June 2012

    It’s often said that knowledge is power, and in the face of a societal problem like the spread of malicious software, sharing knowledge empowers people to act in their own defense.


  • More privacy by default: Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

    Sue Glueck Assistant General Counsel - 01 June 2012

    At last year’s Online Tracking Protection & Browsers workshop in Brussels, Vice President Kroes said  “we should collectively pay more attention to the emerging 'do-not-track' technologies – or DNT for short.” 


  • Tackling cybersecurity together

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 31 May 2012

    Where Europe succeeds, we succeed


  • Windows on Europe: Our contribution to advancing growth and competitiveness

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 29 May 2012


  • Copyright in the Digital Age

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 23 May 2012

    There has been a lot of talk in the press and in the halls of government recently about copyright: why we have it, how it is working, and whether it needs to be changed.


  • Making the Internet a safer place for children - second update on our efforts in support of the CEO coalition initiated by Vice President Kroes

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 15 May 2012

    The Commission recently launched a new strategy for a safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers.  This new strategy seeks to accomplish a few objectives.


  • AdChoices icon will bring greater transparency to Online Behavioral Advertising

    Townsend Feehan Attorney - 11 May 2012

    For several weeks now, internet users visiting MSN sites in EEA countries will have seen a small “AdChoices” icon next to online adverts appearing on the sites.


  • Data protection: a new set of rules for SMEs

    Françoise Le Bail European Commission, Director General for Justice - 02 May 2012

    On March 27, I had the pleasure of attending the third annual Summit of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) in Brussels. I was greeted by over 100 IAMCP partners who had come together to position innovative SMEs at the centre of Europe's economic recovery.


  • Ideas Matter!

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 30 April 2012

    An exciting new initiative got underway in Europe yesterday called “Ideas Matter”.


  • The classroom of the future is here

    Futures - 26 April 2012

    Innovative teachers + technology + smart policies = the active learning and collaborative skills required for the 21st century.


  • The Security Intelligence Report shows shifts in the European threat landscape

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 26 April 2012

    Some months back I wrote an article on cyber-threats in the European Union. This article was based on data from the 11th volume of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.


  • Building better broadband for Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 24 April 2012

    Faced with economic malaise, Europe needs to fully harness all of its natural resources. One vital and valuable resource that remains underused is TV-band and other spectrum.


  • Cloud Computing and Data Protection – What’s the point of Standards?

    Peter F Brown Independent Consultant, Secretary of OASIS - 03 April 2012

    One problem, one solution, right?


  • Stepping up the fight against cybercrime in Europe

    Bill Harmon Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit - 29 March 2012

    The use of the Internet, PCs, smart phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of how we study, work and interact with friends, and family. Unfortunately, technology has become an indispensable tool for criminals as well.


  • Making the Internet a safer place for children – an up-date on our efforts in support of the CEO coalition initiated by Vice President Kroes

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 19 March 2012

    It was in December last year that Microsoft became a part of Vice President Kroes’ initiative to make the Internet a safer place for children. Together with 27 other companies in the ICT sector, from hardware manufacturers to providers of content we committed to work on 5 areas, namely report abuse, privacy settings, content classification, parental controls and take down of sexual child abuse.


  • The EU’s Proposed Data Protection Regulation: Microsoft’s Position

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 16 March 2012

    On 25 January 2012, the European Commission announced a proposed General Data Protection Regulation.  The Commission’s proposal introduces sweeping reforms designed to modernise Europe’s 17-year-old data protection regime. Microsoft welcomes steps to strengthen and harmonise the data protection regime.


  • Transformative Consumer Technologies: Ubiquitous Computing

    Events - 06 March 2012

    Ubiquitous Computing


  • Cloud policy, big data and the long tail of science

    Dennis Gannon Director, Cloud Research Strategy - 28 Feb. 2012


  • The growing European cloud

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 23 Feb. 2012

    When Europeans use cloud computing services, they are connecting to large data centres for the computing power they need. When they want more cloud services, they need more computing power capacity in those data centres.


  • UK at cross-roads with cloud computing policies

    Donna Whitehead Government Affairs Manager UK - 21 Feb. 2012

    It’s an exciting time to be part of the rapidly changing technology environment. Just think of the changes in the tech sector over recent years. High speed broadband and mobile wireless are growing with the corresponding massive increase in internet users.


  • Safer Internet Day 2012 in Newcastle: Connecting Generations

    Bonnie Kearney Director, Accessibility Marketing & Communications, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 15 Feb. 2012

    As efforts continue worldwide to improve digital inclusion, online safety has never been more important.


  • A “Cloud-Active” Europe, relatively speaking

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 10 Feb. 2012


  • More and better online commerce in Europe

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 03 Feb. 2012

    The internet really started to ‘take off’ for businesses and consumers to use about 20 years ago.  Quite a bit of regulation has changed since that time to make internet ‘e-commerce’ easier, cheaper and safer.


  • Making privacy work for everybody

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 26 Jan. 2012

    A big question for governments and business at the moment, and indeed for users of the internet all over the world, is how personal data – a person’s identity, personal materials, financial or sensitive information – can be protected in a workable and effective way.


  • Tracking Protection technologies: a step closer to more privacy online

    Adrian Bateman Program Manager, Internet Explorer - 24 Jan. 2012

    In the last ten years  Microsoft has invested heavily in user privacy. Just like security, privacy considerations are baked into every Microsoft product.


  • They know where you live. And more…

    Futures - 20 Dec. 2011

    In November 2008, the French magazine Le Tigre published "Marc L.," a portrait of a 29-year-old who worked for an architecture firm near Bordeaux. The author had never met his subject but needed only a few minutes of Web searching to discover a large number of personal details, right down to his girlfriend’s name, her parents’ address, and what he did on his last vacation.


  • Natural Computing: Natural User Interfaces open up enormous opportunities to address societal and economic challenges

    Cornelia Kutterer & Fabien Petitcolas Senior Policy Counsel & Director for Innovation, Europe - 16 Dec. 2011

    Early December 2011, we started a new guest speakers’ series to talk about future technology trends and their impact on our work and life.


  • Movies, Copyright and the Internet

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 Dec. 2011


  • A Better Online Experience for Kids

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 30 Nov. 2011

    Today, Commissioner Neelie Kroes announced the CEO Coalition on Child Online Safety. Microsoft is pleased to be a founding member of this coalition.


  • Transformative Consumer Technologies: Natural Computing

    Events - 29 Nov. 2011


  • The EU’s Digital Agenda creating a safer ride on the net

    Futures - 18 Nov. 2011

    Microsoft’s innovation’s magazine FUTURES released an interview with ROBERT MADELIN, Director-general for Information Society and Media at the European Commission.


  • Will the cookies crumble?

    Futures - 10 Nov. 2011

    Visit a website, get a cookie. You can’t see it, but it is a small file that is installed on your computer whenever you browse a travel site, buy books online or search for a new refrigerator. The cookie remembers you, allowing the site to store information about you and your preferences – and making you a better advertising target.


  • Cyber-Threats in the European Union

    Tim Rains Director, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 02 Nov. 2011

    I recently visited Brussels, where the European Union has its main base of operations.  I had the opportunity to talk to numerous people there about the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report containing data and insights on the cyber-threats Microsoft has observed specifically in the EU.


  • No one-size fits all approach to online safety: Highlighting the European model

    Julie Inman Grant Global Director of Online Safety and Privacy Outreach - 24 Oct. 2011


  • Event: Towards an interoperable and open European Cloud

    Events - 17 Oct. 2011

    Hosted by Microsoft and the Fraunhofer Research Institute, the roundtable helped identify the main elements of the upcoming European Cloud Strategy and how this will affect European companies, government institutions and citizens.


  • Keeping children safe and empowering them to be good “digital citizens”

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 06 Oct. 2011

    Connected to the Internet, the PC and mobile devices have created enormous opportunities for people of all ages to enhance the way they work, learn, play and communicate.


  • Cybercrime fighting in action: Botnet take-downs

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 03 Oct. 2011


  • Openness and choice: key enablers of a dynamic ICT marketplace

    Steve Mutkoski Regional Director, Interoperability and Innovation - 15 Sept. 2011

    Standards are an important part of a dynamic ICT marketplace, fostering interoperability, collaboration, competition and consumer trust.


  • A 'cloud-friendly' EU

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 05 Sept. 2011

    Cloud computing is the crest of the wave of new and better computing possibilities – giving more efficient and cost-effective ways to run small and large organizations, and providing new applications and flexibility for individual and corporate users. As you may have seen our CEO Steve Ballmer say, “Microsoft is ‘all in’ for the Cloud”.


  • Interoperability: Standards that open doors for businesses and consumers

    Craig Shank General Manager, Interoperability Group - 25 Aug. 2011

    I’m Craig Shank, and I work in Microsoft’s Interoperability Group. I’m excited to join in sharing our thoughts on some of the key collaborations needed to make products and services work together across the ICT marketplace


  • Cybercriminals versus the good guys

    Futures - 05 Aug. 2011

    Scammers are getting more clever. But software companies and policymakers are becoming smarter too.


  • How to make the most of the open data opportunity?

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 13 July 2011


  • How TV White Spaces can bring broadband to all

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 26 June 2011

    Several of the EU’s biggest tech and media companies join together to explore use of TV white spaces spectrum to help meet the fast rising demand for broadband and therefore meet Europe 2020 targets for broadband coverage.


  • Event: Digital Values series - Expressed Freedoms

    Microsoft - 17 June 2011


  • Counterfeiting, Piracy and IP Enforcement

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 20 May 2011

    You might imagine that counterfeiting and piracy were a thing of the past, particularly in the EU, but sadly this is not the case for most industries, including the technology and software sectors. For business software alone, the software piracy rate in western Europe stands at about 34%, one in three copies of business software in use in Europe is counterfeit or pirated.


  • Improving the quality of health records for a healthier Europe

    Dr Jos Devlies Medical Director, EuroRec - 27 April 2011

    Health records are becoming increasingly used by citizens and health professionals to aggregate data that comes from many different sources. At the EuroRec Institute, we promote the use of high-quality health record systems by focusing on the users—their needs and how they interact with health information.


  • Who pays for Data Protection?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 April 2011

    As you may know, the EU is reviewing its data protection laws, and recently I participated in a hearing hosted by the European Parliament’s EPP group on one of the many important questions being looked at: “Who pays for Data Protection?”


  • Adding our voice to concerns about search in Europe

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 31 March 2011

    Microsoft is filing a formal complaint with the European Commission as part of the Commission’s ongoing investigation into whether Google has violated European competition law. We thought it important to be transparent and provide some information on what we’re doing and why.


  • Event: Digital Values series - Future Consumers

    Events - 14 March 2011

    New technologies become interwoven with our everyday lives and our relationship with gadgets is constantly evolving. Do the current terms and concepts of consumer protection remain valid in the digital age? What are the new vulnerabilities and do we need to re-learn consumer protection?


  • Event: Worldwide Government Solutions Forum 2011, 6-7 April

    Events - 09 March 2011

    Efficiency and Opportunity: how the Cloud is powering Future Government.


  • Working towards a cloud-active strategy in Europe

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 09 March 2011


  • Event: Official opening - Cloud & Interoperability Center, 22 March

    Events - 07 March 2011


  • Microsoft Poland officially confirmed as a partner of Polish EU Presidency

    Piotr Marczuk Governmental Affairs Manager, WSG RG Poland - 21 Feb. 2011


  • Getting ready for the cloud computing age

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 25 Jan. 2011


  • EU Framework for Cloud Computing

    Events - 17 Jan. 2011

    Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Legal & Corporate Affairs, talks to France’s Assemblée Nationale about the opportunities that cloud computing represents for the European Union.


  • Europe is the global leader in nation-wide implementation of eHealth solutions

    Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann Senior Research Fellow Empirica - 08 Nov. 2010

    Ten years after the presentation of the European Lisbon Strategy for growth and employment, which had resolved to make Europe the most competitive and knowledge-driven economy by 2010, a final judgement on success or failure of the overall strategy is difficult.


  • Breaking the barriers to a cloud single market in Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 04 Nov. 2010

    Growth has been the watchword at the Government Leaders Forum (GLF) in London. It’s an event that brings together some of the region’s most influential public sector figures under one roof, in an effort to find new ways to drive sustainable economic growth in Europe.


  • Isabela brings interoperability to life

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 19 Oct. 2010

    I have a job within Microsoft that focuses on interoperability, working with other companies to make sure our products work well together. This is part of the company’s commitment to customers, and we understand that enabling choices creates more opportunities for our customers, partners and developers, and that also will make us more successful as a company in the future.   


  • When lawyers are looking at eHealth…

    Octavian Purcarea Industry Solutions Manager - 10 Aug. 2010

    Recently I was invited to speak about new business models of eHealth at a conference in Denmark. It was surprising that this eHealth conference, The New Age of Health IT, was in fact organized by the International Bar Association!


  • Interview: Microsoft expert view on industry and government collaboration on health

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 29 June 2010

    Watch my colleague Niels Soelberg, Vice President Public Sector Sales, Microsoft speak about the need for sound collaboration between industry and government in the interest of better healthcare provision.


  • Help protect your kids from cyberbullying

    Microsoft - 04 June 2010

    Bullies are notorious for tormenting their victims face to face—at school, on the playground, in sports.  


  • Smarter government in the UK: collaboration across and between departments

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 04 May 2010

    One aspect of government we thoroughly dislike here in the UK is useless and inefficient bureaucracy. 


  • An interview with Bruce Greenstein, Worldwide Managing Director of Health at Microsoft

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 26 April 2010


  • ICT taking a stand for energy efficiency

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 08 March 2010

    I recently attended the European Commission’s ICT for Energy Efficiencyevent in Brussels where four associations representing information and communication technology companies have come together to ensure our industry will be part of the solution instead of the problem.


  • How does regulation affect cloud computing?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 05 March 2010

    The age of ‘cloud computing’ is dawning, which will allow our data, software and computing power to be on our desktop and extended online as and when needed. This will provide many new opportunities for businesses and other organisations to manage large amounts of data and activities securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • An example of applied interoperability

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 05 March 2010

    Hear me talking about the Eye on Earth online tool. This website shows data from thousands of air and water quality stations from across Europe in real-time. (By the way, I say 60,000 stations in the video but I was told I got a little ahead of myself - it's actually 6,000!).


  • Webinar: Introducing an eHealth study on enabling technology for a healthier Europe

    Wendy Currie - 03 March 2010

    The eHealth landscape offers both opportunities and barriers to policy makers in the EU 27 member states which are not just about technical issues of interoperability and data security and confidentiality.


  • Fuelling EU growth through cloud computing technologies

    Events - 02 March 2010

    In Europe and elsewhere, computing is experiencing a powerful transformation. Driven by continuous innovations in software, hardware and the Internet, traditional models of computing are gradually shifting. 


  • Craig Mundie talks e-health and technology policy in the cloud area

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 26 Feb. 2010

    Last week I published a video interview I conducted with Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, where he explains his vision of cloud computing.


  • ‘Maga No Need Pay’: Nigeria stands up to fight cyber scams

    Jean-Christophe Le Toquin Director, Digital Crimes Unit - 10 Feb. 2010


  • High level Transatlantic debate: How technology enables innovation, growth and the transformation of healthcare

    Events - 29 Jan. 2010

    The event, taking place on 23 February 2010 in Brussels (and simultaneously in Washington DC), will include a live exchange of EU-US political and practitioners’ perspectives.


  • Cloud Computing and Microsoft's new dialogue with the EU

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 27 Jan. 2010


  • Planning Europe’s healthcare revolution: The role of eHealth

    Videos - 06 Jan. 2010

    Views and commentaries from Europe’s ICT & eHealth thought leaders. Filmed during the Friends of Europe Summit in Brussels - December 2009.


  • Windows 7 and European ICT growth

    Microsoft - 27 Nov. 2009

    Erich Andersen, VP and Deputy General Counsel of the Windows Business at Microsoft, speaking about Windows 7 as a potential driver of the European ICT economy.


  • Technology Is Enabling a Green Business Revolution in Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 19 Oct. 2009

    This week I have been lucky to be one of a handful of business executives speaking at the European Union’s Green Week conference in Brussels.