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  • Changing the world through your skills

    Bruno Wattenbergh MBI, COO at Impulse, Expert, Manager, Professor, Editorialist of/in/about Entrepreneurship and Entreprises - 23 July 2014


  • Imagine Cup – a springboard for young entrepreneurs in Europe

    Bostjan Strazar Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe - 17 July 2014


  • European Youth Need Concrete Action

    MS Europe - 01 July 2014


  • EVENT: Spark.IT – Summer Entrepreneurship Camp

    Events - 27 June 2014

    When? July 9-10. Where? Microsoft Centre Brussels


  • The new European fluency: Code!

    Afke Schaart Senior Director of EU Institutional Relations - 25 June 2014

    If European youth are to innovate and create beyond other regions they must be producers, not just consumers of digital content!


  • Out of the box learning with Skype

    MS Europe - 22 May 2014


  • PRESS RELEASE: Microsoft empowers Finnish education to better prepare students for the modern workplace with new cities partnership

    MS Europe - 21 May 2014

    Microsoft and seven Finnish cities just launched a close partnership highlighting the endless opportunities of technology in education. Cities like Oulu, Tampere, Vantaa, Helsinki, Salo, Turku and Espoo will take part, adding up to the participation of over a hundred schools in the pilot phase of the project. Other interested cities are also invited to join the network.


  • Ideas for a Better Europe – European Youth Event and YO!Fest 2014

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 08 May 2014


  • Public-private partnerships are the key to bridging Europe’s skills gap

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 25 April 2014


  • Hacking Women Helping Women

    MS Europe - 24 April 2014

    Get to know more about the international Women Hackathon, an event designed to empower, encourage, support, and keep women in computer science at the university level.


  • Young ladies stand up for their passion for tech across Europe

    Nanna-Louise Wildefang Assitant General Counsel, Denmark, Microsoft - 24 April 2014


  • PRESS RELEASE: Microsoft Portugal and Imagina present Vox4all for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. A pioneer app for alternative and inclusive communication

    MS Europe - 16 April 2014

    LISBOA - 15 april, 2014 – Today Microsoft Portugal, in partnership with Imagina, presented Vox4all for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, an application for alternative and augmented communication. It is directed to people with complex communicational needs, who due to sensory, cognitive or mental deficiencies are unable to communicate in an autonomous way.


  • EVENT: KODU Europe

    Events - 15 April 2014


  • School in the Clouds: learning at the edge of chaos

    MS Europe - 26 March 2014


  • Get Online Week 2014: How Microsoft helps young people follow their dreams

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 26 March 2014


  • Canvassing Europe’s future at the European Conference in Harvard University

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 14 March 2014

    How can we bring Europe forward? In order to address this matter, I set out to Harvard University at the beginning of the month to take part in the 2014 European Conference. I was honoured to participate in what was a two day forum which gathered notable speakers from all across the continent, including EU Commissioners, ambassadors and Deputy Prime Ministers among others.


  • Teachers Inspiring Tomorrow’s Innovators – Today!

    Lori Forte Harnick - 14 March 2014


  • Navigating the Crowded Education App Landscape: A Little Help

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 13 March 2014


  • Keeping technology safe for our most vulnerable users

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 12 March 2014

    On Wednesday in Barcelona, more than 1,100 educators, school leaders and government officials from nearly 100 countries are gathering to re-imagine and redesign the world of education for the 21st century.


  • Round of applause to the European YouthSpark advisors!

    MS Europe - 10 March 2014

    Under the auspices of Microsoft YouthSpark and in light of Microsoft’s commitment to create 46 million opportunities in Europe in the next two years, YouthSpark advisors from across Europe in Brussels have volunteered to address the many challenges faced by young people around Europe.


  • Inspiring change for more women in technology

    Adrianna Zammit Country Manager of Microsoft Malta and Cyprus - 07 March 2014


  • EVENT: European YouthSpark Advisors Convening

    Events - 25 Feb. 2014


  • Microsoft Brings Its Perspective on Computer Science Education to World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014

    Microsoft Brings Its Perspective on Computer Science Education to World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014 - 24 Jan. 2014


  • Building Tomorrow's Workforce Today: A Thoughtful Approach

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 23 Jan. 2014

    At this week’s BETT show In London, I’m among policy-makers, school leaders, and other education innovators, all with a common goal: choosing a long-term technology solution that will maximize limited budgets and learning impacts and do the right thing for students and their communities.


  • PRESS RELEASE: New Microsoft Centre Opens in Brussels with Renewed Commitment to European Youth

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 21 Jan. 2014

    Microsoft YouthSpark Initiative reaches over 22 million young Europeans in first year and defines future priority areas for action to address youth unemployment


  • Youthspark in Europe: your hub, your space.

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 20 Jan. 2014

    Introducing our brand new youth hub: YouthSpark in Europe! A one stop location with sought-after tutorials, up-to-date news, events and Microsoft programs! From enhancing your CV and learning how to code to reading the success stories of past ImagineCup winners, our hub features everything you need to know! Let’s explore it!


  • LIVE DEBATE: Choose your future

    Afke Schaart Senior Director of EU Institutional Relations - 19 Dec. 2013


  • Belgian Erasmus University College gets more out of Office 365

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 17 Dec. 2013

    We met with with Philippe Van Laethem, IT manager at Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) to find out how migrating from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 has made the staff and the students get better support.


  • Leaders for a day (and of tomorrow)

    Afke Schaart Senior Director of EU Institutional Relations - 06 Dec. 2013

    Leaders for a Day is a unique sneak-peak of the working environment as it provides young people with the opportunity to learn from high level executives by shadowing them for the day.


  • As students, does technology make us too dependable?

    Leonie Salawa Law Student at UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, Member of the UCrew. Belgium - 22 Nov. 2013

    Technology is everywhere in our day to day lives. Who doesn’t appreciate watching the last episode of their favourite TV Show, going online on tablets, or simply catching up with our friends’ latest activities? We are more or less aware of the extent of our dependency on technology. However, a study driven by Microsoft is showing up just how dependent we actually are.


  • DigiGirlz: Microsoft inspires female students to pursue careers in technology

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 Nov. 2013

    Over the next several weeks, Microsoft will host eighteen DigiGirlz events across Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries to draw attention about the need of women in the ICT workforce and combat stereotypes of the role of women in the technology industry.


  • Honoring the educators and schools transforming education through technology

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 07 Nov. 2013


  • YouthSpark's footprint in Europe. Getting youth job-ready!

    Afke Schaart Senior Director of EU Institutional Relations - 30 Oct. 2013

    The jobs crisis is the most defining issue facing European youth today but there are viable solutions coming forward, often led by youth themselves but that require sustained leadership and innovative support from business to ensure a successful transition into employment.


  • 8 things I learnt as a YouthSpark advisor

    Giuseppe Porcaro United Nations and Global Youth Affairs Coordinator at European Youth Forum - 25 Oct. 2013


  • PRESS RELEASE: garagErasmus Foundation launches the Advisory Council

    PRESS RELEASE: garagErasmus Foundation launches the Advisory Council - 24 Oct. 2013

    BRUSSELS - 21 October 2013- garagErasmus Foundation launches the Advisory Council


  • YouthSpark in Austria: Giving Generation Y the Opportunities They Need

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 22 Oct. 2013


  • Office 365: Skills for the classroom and the future.

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 18 Oct. 2013


  • YouthSpark’s first year: we are well underway to empowering 300 million young people

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 23 Sept. 2013

    Today is a big day as we mark the first year of progress and impact of Microsoft’s global YouthSpark initiative!


  • 10 inspiring things you never knew about Partners in Learning

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 10 Sept. 2013


  • 10 Cool Ways Companies Use Skype!

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 06 Sept. 2013

    Happy birthday to us! Here at Skype we’re lucky to have spent the past decade doing what we love: helping people do things together, whenever they’re apart. We’re proud to say that more than 300 million people around the globe use Skype to stay in touch with those who are most important in their lives, from friends, to family, to business connections.


  • Unified Communications Apprenticeship Scheme - a partnership between Freedom Communications, West Herts College and Microsoft

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 05 Sept. 2013


  • Microsoft and LEGO team up again for STEM education with robot SentryBot

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 01 Aug. 2013


  • Apprenticeships: A proven model for European Youth?

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 19 July 2013


  • Going big after Imagine Cup

    Zbynek Poulicek Co-founder and CEO of GINA Software - 10 July 2013

    With the worldwide Imagine Cup finals taking place right now, it is a good time to look back in the rear view mirror and see how we have been evolving as a start-up in a time of fantastic opportunities for technology specialists like us - despite the current economic challenges…


  • Value does not wait for the number of years we age to

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 04 July 2013


  • Imagine Cup: A Chance to impact Europe and the world

    04 July 2013

    The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition, which invites all eligible students to use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution in one of our competitions and challenges.


  • Engaging youth in Europe’s future: YoFest 2013

    Breanne Bradley Journalism Student - 07 June 2013


  • The Voice of Youth: Their Europe

    Sylvie Laffarge & Giuseppe Porcaro - 31 May 2013

    With the YO! Fest2013 taking place in Brussels this week, we took the opportunity to interview both Giuseppe Porcaro, Secretary-General of the European Youth Forum and Sylvie Laffarge, Director Community Affairs EMEA at Microsoft. Read on for more. 


  • How Office 365 is changing the face of Education

    Don Grantham President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - 23 May 2013


  • Exciting times at Innovate4Good seminar!

    Niina Gromov Treasurer and vice president on Helsinki board, BEST - Board of European Students of Technology - 17 May 2013


  • The Digital binder - a OneNote project!

    Ellen Meyer Knutsen & Anne Cathrine Gotaas Special Needs Teacher&ICT Advisor at Pedkonsult, Math Teacher&ICT Advisor at Pedkonsult - 10 May 2013

    Microsoft OneNote has helped reduce student drop-out rates in NorwayThe country has made large investments in ICT education in recent years. What are the effects of these investments? How have they provided optimal learning and better outcomes for students?


  • A Q&A with a technical school that simplifies the IT environment with Windows 8 deployment

    Microsoft Education Team MS Education - 07 May 2013

    Students report that the operating system makes it easy to view information without opening applications. The Microsoft in Education team talks with Heiki Tähis, Head of IT and CIO of the Tallinn Polytechnic School in Estonia, about the school’s adoption of the Windows 8 operating system.


  • Why should business get involved in education?

    Christian Vintergaard & Lene Vestergaard CEO, Teamleader from Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship - 30 April 2013

    Traditionally, young people are educated to become competent employees. This has been the goal for many years and has proved to be essential for the development and growth of modern society. For many years the educational systems has fostered an increasing number of educated and trained individuals for the benefit of the individual and society.


  • The impact of non-formal education in youth organizations on young people’s employability

    Manuel Souto-Otero Senior Lecturer in Education Policy at the University of Bath - 24 April 2013

    If you were an employer looking for a young person to recruit, would you rather hire someone with impeccable academic credentials or someone who you knew can communicate effectively, has good organizational skills, can take decisions independently, bring the best from others to achieve common goals?


  • Sisters are doing STEM for themselves: Female BizSpark entrepreneurs speak out about women in tech

    Jacqueline Russell Microsoft Western Europe Academic Lead - 17 April 2013

    Why are there so few women technology entrepreneurs? There are numerous research projects and opinion polls that have looked into the issue, but we decided to go straight to the source and ask some of the leading female Start-ups working with Microsoft in Europe what they think.


  • Effective career levers for youth: putting more Europeans into jobs

    Lori Harnick Citizenship and Public Affairs, Microsoft - 12 April 2013

    Europe is at risk of being left behind by countries such as India, which is reshaping its future with new entrepreneurial creativity and social policy innovation. Currently the EU member states lose €153 billion every year by not being able to reconcile a quality transition and easier access to the labour market for the 14 million out-of-work, disengaged young Europeans.


  • EU for high quality learning: Updates from the High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 04 April 2013

    You’ve all seen the figures over the past year and more that show high youth unemployment across some European Union Member States. But do people know that technology can have an enabling role in Europe and beyond? 


  • Europe’s new plan for Digital Jobs: Microsoft signs pledge at Grand Coalition

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 12 March 2013

    The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs was launched last week to address the shortfall of Europeans with digital professional skills and to exploit the employment potential of ICT. The EU's competitiveness is "under threat" according to Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, if it cannot fill the expertise gap. 


  • Microsoft 4Afrika: turning ideas into economic opportunity

    Fernando de Sousa General Manager of Microsoft Africa Initiatives - 05 March 2013


  • Build your own educational app, a look into the future of education

    Bram Feams Bram Feams, ICT-coordinator Jonatanschool - 27 Feb. 2013

    Can you develop an educational app in twenty four hours? That was the challenge about twenty teachers took on during the Appathon in London. Prior to the Appathon, they attended three virtual universities to get to know the TouchDevelop programming platform and thought up an educational app.


  • Microsoft unveils YouthSpark programme in Ireland with €6m investment

    Orla Hogan PR & Citizenship Lead, Ireland - 21 Feb. 2013


  • An Investment in the Future: Empowering Bulgarian Youth

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 21 Feb. 2013


  • What is the role of local economies in supporting quality job creation and productivity?

    Jonathan Barr OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme - 15 Feb. 2013


  • Europe’s economic prosperity will not happen without youth

    Dorothee Belz Vice President Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft Corporation in Europe  - 08 Feb. 2013


  • Webinar: CSR Europe launches the European Business Campaign on Skills for Jobs

    Events - 24 Jan. 2013


  • School of the 21st century

    Jeroen Verdonk Marketing Manager, Education Sector, Microsoft Western Europe - 23 Jan. 2013

    As we discussed extensively at the ‘Youth, the Key to Europe’s future’ event in Brussels on 22nd of January, today’s educators face some tough challenges as they work to prepare students for the 21st century workplace. Microsoft and its partners are helping them make the grade.


  • Technology analysts predict widening cloud skills gap for IT

    Jennifer Warnick & Francine Fisher MSW Editor, Academic Area Lead, Netherlands - 18 Jan. 2013


  • Transforming education to regain economic prosperity

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 04 Jan. 2013

    Recommendations for education systems to support an improved workforce in the 21st century. Education systems need to be reformed in order to provide the workforce of the future with ‘updated’ skills.


  • Sharing creative approaches at the Partners in Learning Global Forum

    Joao Ramalheiro - 22 Dec. 2012

    The Partners in Learning Global Forum 2012 was a unique experience in my career, summarising in two words: Life Changing! I was able to be connected with brilliant personalities and projects and I felt that I wasn't alone on this journey.


  • Youth, the key to Europe’s future

    Events - 19 Dec. 2012


  • Why look for new solutions to youth employability when some are already working?

    Matthieu Delage President chez JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises - 18 Dec. 2012

    Today, millions of job positions remain untaken in Europe. Yet millions of young people are unemployed. The Youth Employability Award recently organised by Microsoft, Accenture and Adecco aimed at presenting efficient solutions to this issue.


  • Can we shape the future?

    Hugh Milward Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft - 10 Dec. 2012

    Last week, the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion presented the Youth Employment Package, a key component of the European Employment Strategy, that seeks to help more young people get into jobs throughout the European Union.


  • We need public-private partnerships to secure Europe’s digital future

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 29 Nov. 2012


  • Tackling the white elephant of youth unemployment

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 27 Nov. 2012

    When looking at the current state of the European economy, it is hard to ignore the struggles of one group in particular – today’s youth. There is a generation of out-of-work, disengaged young Europeans that cost EU member states €153 billion every year, according to new findings by EU research agency Eurofound. 


  • Modernizing education in order to secure smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

    Events - 22 Nov. 2012

    Microsoft’s event “Transforming education to regain economic prosperity”, will seek to promote and explore new assessment methods around collaborative problem solving. The discussion with key actors involved in this project, will provide guidelines to policy makers on how to help education communities prepare for PISA 2015.


  • Breaking the skills gap cycle: business mentorship at ‘Leader for a Day’

    Andrew De Bono&Dionysius Viehhauser JA-YE alumni - 16 Nov. 2012

    Last month, we joined the first ever pan-European job shadowing programme, led by Junior Achievement- Young Enterprise Europe, which gave us the possibility to look directly into a company and their market. That company was Microsoft.


  • Employment Forum 2012: Creating Jobs for Growth

    Events - 14 Nov. 2012


  • Using cloud solutions to create a collaborative environment in 21st century schools

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 02 Nov. 2012

    A private grade 4-12 educational institution in Greece (Athens), Doukas School has invested heavily in innovative education to provide its 2,000 students with the finest educational, cultural, and athletic programs in the country.


  • Innovating teaching and learning practices: developing creative classrooms in Europe

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 25 Oct. 2012

    The Next Partners in Learning Global Forum will take place in Prague on 28th Nov-1st Dec. What the Partners in Learning programme does is to help school leaders discover and share best practices to foster a culture of innovation. 


  • Bringing the benefits of technology to Austrian nonprofits

    Microsoft France Communications Manager,, Germany - 12 Oct. 2012


  • Moving towards a European Youth Guarantee

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 04 Oct. 2012

    "Europe needs a youth guarantee - that young people will be in work, training or education within months of leaving school’’ László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.


  • Europe 2020 goals: let’s not underestimate the role of technology

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 25 Sept. 2012

    Youth unemployment in Europe is high. In many cases there are jobs available but the skill sets to meet them are scarce. Digital skills are in high demand and essential for enhancing employability, and driving innovation and sustainable growth in Europe. 


  • Creating opportunities for 300 million young people in the next 3 years

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 19 Sept. 2012

    Today we are announcing Microsoft YouthSpark, a new company-wide initiative designed to create opportunities for 300 million youth in 100 countries over the next three years.


  • Finding and measuring 21st-century skills

    Futures - 14 Sept. 2012

    Companies want employees who can think critically, work collaboratively and communicate through new technology. A revolutionary project is teaching students how to do them all.


  • School leaders in Portugal show the way to new Learning best practices

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 04 Sept. 2012

    The Partners in Learning for School Leaders programme is a result of a partnership between Microsoft Portugal and the Ministry of Education in Portugal. It is aimed at giving Portuguese school directors a set of skills that will enable them to innovate, modify and transform not only their schools but also their surrounding community. 


  • An Italian school reaches for excellence with innovative education

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 04 Sept. 2012

    The School Istituto Laporta in Galatina is a school of excellence. The Partners in Learning (PIL) school programme marked an important step for the school. When the PIL programme was implemented, the school maximized its potential at national and international level.


  • The Digital Patrols project: upgrading the education system by student role models

    Kresten Thorndahl Student Guest Blogger and Project Manager - 09 Aug. 2012

    ICT has recently been pointed out by the European Commission as one of the big job growth areas and as a digital native, a student in 2012 who has grown up surrounded by technology I should feel privileged.. 


  • Learning from the past

    Futures - 18 July 2012


  • Improving the quality of education in a balanced, consistent and sustainable way

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 11 July 2012

    To achieve a smart, sustainable and inclusive EU, technology can play an important role in preparing European youth with the skills needed.


  • UNConvention gives Europe’s young entrepreneurs a voice

    Ruud de Jonge Western Europe DPE Windows Phone lead - 22 June 2012

    It may be a cliché, but our collective future really does depend on the brightest and best of youthful talent. Here in Europe, Microsoft has initiated a huge focus on nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, across a wide variety of projects and programs. Our latest involvement is at the UN Convention Young Innovators event taking place in Brussels 26-27 June.


  • Education reform means a break from the past

    Futures - 13 June 2012

    Why the industrial model – hierarchical organizations using standardised methods to produce uniform products – no longer works for schools or students.


  • Students with disabilities eliminate barriers with Kinect

    João Freitas and Marco Medeiros - 05 June 2012

    According to the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, one in six people in the European Union has a disability so severe that it prevents them from fully taking part in society due to environmental and attitudinal barriers.


  • Enriching education for young people with Office 365: a social and economic value-ad

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 25 May 2012

    Where Europe succeeds, we succeed


  • Imagine Cup: 10 years of imagining a brighter future through technology

    Don Grantham President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) - 14 May 2012


  • Time to get education right

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 11 May 2012

    In these challenging economic times, helping European students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to support their success as adults has become critical to the long-term competitiveness of Europe.


  • Shape the Future – An exciting model for reforming education

    Joice Fernandes Senior Director WW Public Private Partnerships - 30 April 2012

    For years, Microsoft has been working with governments to help large scale transformation of education.  Since 2007, one of the key elements of that work has been the Shape the Future program.


  • Skillage: Are you ready to get hired?

    Ian Clifford Deputy Chair, Telecentre Europe - 24 April 2012


  • Apprentice Dragons take the lead during e-Skills Week 2012

    Natalia Kurop Director, Communications and Marketing at Digital Europe - 06 April 2012

    Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark welcomed hundreds of students, IT industry leaders, member state officials and representatives from the education community to discuss the theme, “Future Jobs and e-Skills in Europe” in Copenhagen for the official closing event of European e-Skills Week 2012.


  • Borderless teaching through collaboration and innovation

    Jerker Porat Teacher in Science, Mathematics and Physical Education - 29 March 2012


  • eSkills: The Real Stakes in the 2020 Economy

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 23 March 2012

    Where Europe succeeds, we succeed


  • Grow your career: 7 million people certified in twenty years

    Anneleen Vaandrager Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning - 15 March 2012

    Microsoft Certification has come a long way in its first twenty years. It made its debut with the Microsoft Certified Professional Program, a measuring tool for employers and IT professionals.


  • Remaking Europe’s schools

    Futures - 06 March 2012

    In terms of modernising educational systems, Commissioner Vassiliou says, “We have a long way to go”.


  • World top universities share innovation curricula for free

    Kimberly Voltero Group Audience Marketing Manager - 23 Feb. 2012

    Microsoft just launched the Faculty Connection Regional Site for Spain, inspiring the continual advancement and improvement of technology studies that equip students with the innovative skills they need to be employable in today’s competitive job market.


  • How the cloud will fuel Europe’s growth

    Akhtar Badshah Senior Director of Citizenship, Microsoft Corporation - 21 Feb. 2012

    Where Europe succeeds, we succeed


  • Modeling the Cloud: implications from the LSE study

    Jonathan Liebenau Reader in Technology Management at the London School of Economics - 16 Feb. 2012

    The London School of Economics study investigates what the real economic effects of cloud are likely to be, and especially what that tells us about employment and job skills in the near future.


  • Event: European e-Skills Week 2012

    Events - 10 Feb. 2012

    Technology skills are vital in driving a competitive and innovative Europe, as they provide the essential tools and knowledge for the workforce to access better jobs, enhancing overall workforce employability across sectors and functions.


  • Is your organization wasting money on ICT? To find out, take a look at how your organization makes the most of ICT professionals.

    Nils Olaya Fonstad Associate Director of INSEAD eLab - 03 Feb. 2012

    If your organization is drawing on ICT professionals simply to operate and maintain ICT systems, then it is wasting money on ICT. 


  • Online language coaching promotes integration of young immigrants

    Eva Pethrus PIL Manager – Sweden - 31 Jan. 2012

    The EU Commission is constantly working on developing common policies and regulations on how to address the challenges of migration and promote successful integration. The Europe 2020 Strategy targets to raise the employment rate of 20-64 year olds in the EU to 75%.


  • Finding ways to assess 21st-century skills. A powerful foundation to change learning, curricula & the classroom itself.

    Greg Butler Senior Director, Worlwide Education Leaders Strategy - 24 Jan. 2012

    One of the important pieces of news discussed mid- January at the Education World Forum, held in London, was that the OECD’s international PISA study in 2015 will include a new and mandatory area of 21st Century Skill assessment – Collaborative Problem Solving.


  • Education report card

    Futures - 19 Jan. 2012

    International rankings confirm Europe “must do better”.


  • More than one No. 1 – ranking universities discipline by discipline

    Futures - 13 Jan. 2012

    The EU is preparing a new global list of institutions of higher learning that will be “more open, more transparent, more useful”.


  • The integrity of the certification program matters

    Anneleen Vaandrager Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning - 20 Dec. 2011

    Certification, as an industry- recognised validation of skills, is a proven differentiator — whether the individual is a seasoned professional looking to demonstrate his or her value to the organisation or someone hoping to break into the industry for the first time.


  • Marking a sustained commitment to skills for an inclusive labour market at the EU Employment Week 2011

    Loreta Krizinauskiene Director of NGO ‘Langas I Ateiti’ (Lithuania) - 16 Dec. 2011

    Enabling a new human capacity to match a new era of exponential change in our global economy is one of our greatest challenges, not just for governments but equally for industry and certainly the focal point of initiatives from the third sector and NGOs like us Langas i Ateiti ‘Window to the Future’.


  • Microsoft Career Portal carves education tracks for a career in the IT industry

    Anneleen Vaandrager Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning - 13 Dec. 2011

    The IT industry in many EU countries still faces the problem of a lack of IT workforce and IT skills.


  • Cloud technology: the logical choice to minimize the costs of 21st century skills

    Lena Tønning Pedersen Communication Manager Partners in Learning, Western Europe - 09 Dec. 2011

    We are constantly hearing that the labour market is changing with new kinds of jobs needing new sets of skills.


  • Should we protect jobs or the people?

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 01 Dec. 2011


  • Cloud curriculum prepares future engineers for the reality of the job market

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 25 Nov. 2011

    Kiel University of Applied Sciences, founded in 1969 in northern Germany, has six faculties and 5,600 students. It has a reputation for innovative degree courses with intensive modularized learning in small groups, and is known to tailor their curriculum to meet industry needs.


  • 2011 Global Forum Educator Awards Winners

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 17 Nov. 2011


  • Celebrating innovative education with Microsoft Partners in Learning

    Ovi Barceló Hernández Coordinador IT, Colegio Julio Verne - 17 Nov. 2011

    Microsoft PIL is a global program focused on improving teaching and learning through the effective use of technology in the classroom.


  • Turkey in the cloud: challenges and opportunities ahead!

    Asli Deniz Helvacıoğlu Assist. Prof. A.D. Helvacioglu Kuyucu, Bogazici University - 15 Nov. 2011

    Last month I revealed the recent outcomes of the white paper “Cloud Computing in Turkey: Players, Policies, Challenges and Opportunities” at a Cloud Computing conference hosted in Turkey.


  • Event: European Employment Forum, Brussels, 22-23 November

    Events - 10 Nov. 2011


  • Survival skills for the digital age

    Futures - 09 Nov. 2011


  • The new wave of job-readiness for the cloud!

    Anneleen Vaandrager Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning - 02 Nov. 2011

    Cloud Computing: What IT Professionals Need to Know. Curiosity has been sparked as to what the emerging roles and skill sets IT professionals and Developers should look to acquire as we transition to the cloud! Microsoft Learning has released a paper that takes an early look at just that!


  • What’s up with the Digital Agenda? Momentum!

    Ian Clifford Deputy Chair, Telecentre Europe - 27 Oct. 2011

    There is a great sense of momentum right now in the digital inclusion community. From grass roots volunteers getting people online across Europe, to the highest level policymakers, everyone has noticed it.


  • Gen Y leading the way out of the financial crisis

    Jacqueline Russell Microsoft Western Europe Academic Lead - 17 Oct. 2011


  • Youth putting the ‘spark’ into the Digital agenda

    Florie Perouze Lamure Academic Audience Manager, France - 23 Sept. 2011

    With economic recovery here in France, the technology sector is booming! Future engineers and IT professionals are increasingly coveted by companies. Many software and technology consulting companies have announced major hiring plans, encouraged by a forecast industry growth of 3.5% for 2011.


  • A bright outlook on Romania’s development to become a digital society

    Sanda Foamete Academic Program Manager, Microsoft Romania - 02 Aug. 2011

    In July 2011, Romania’s first Digital Agenda conference highlighted the importance of getting every European citizen online and equipping them with the right digital skills.


  • Cloud computing, transforming the game in Europe?

    Bruno Lanvin Executive Director, eLab, INSEAD - 27 July 2011

    Cloud computing has all the ingredients of a true revolution in the way business, governments and individuals handle information.


  • Tech Talent 4 Good: Bringing IT Student Power to NGOs

    Jasmer Dhingra Global Partnerships Manager, AIESEC International - 08 July 2011

    It’s all about inspiring breakthroughs!


  • ‘Skills for the Cloud’: shaping the debate in Rome

    Gian Luca Petrillo Government Affairs Manager, Italy - 30 June 2011


  • Video interview: Jobs of the future, your access pass? Training and certifying for the cloud

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 31 May 2011

    Paving the way for new digital technologies such as the transition to the cloud requires a parallel investment in human capital.


  • Migration towards high-level skills

    Luis Céspedes Director de Educación, Proyecto Universidad Empres - 20 May 2011

    The IT Academy in perspective


  • ATC21S: Defining 21st Century Skills…

    Rane Johnson- Stempson Education and Scholarly Communication Principal Research Director, Microsoft Research Connections - 11 May 2011


  • Digital skills for growth and welfare in Denmark

    Paul Lloyd Robson Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft Corp - 27 April 2011


  • Avanade 21st Century Career Workshop – a 360° story

    Oana Nitu Microsoft Student Partner - 21 April 2011


  • Information technology skills boost innovation

    Andrew Herbert Chairman, Microsoft Research EMEA - 20 April 2011


  • “Getting the elephant out of the room!" European Employability Alliance calls for a more inclusive workforce

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 12 April 2011

    “This is not a niche group!”, “ Let’s not still be having the same discussion in 20 years!”, “Let’s get the elephant out of the room!” were just some of the impassioned rallying cries at the Employer Forum on Accessibility in the Workplace last week.


  • IT, media and games in education integrates a necessary dimension of enjoyment in learning

    Aslak Gottlieb Independent educational consultant - 29 March 2011

    This post is a discourse on how new technology is a key factor that induces enjoyment as an educational path to the skills of the 21st century.


  • Get ready for cloud technology!

    Don Field Senior Director, Microsoft Certification Programs - 14 March 2011

    Business is moving to the cloud. According to IDC* predictions for 2011, 80% of new software will be available as cloud services; by 2014, over one-third of software purchases will be delivered through the cloud.


  • Career Factor! Online virtual reality show

    Anneleen Vaandrager Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning - 08 March 2011


  • Getting Europe online

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 28 Feb. 2011

    Get Online Week starts today across Europe, running from the 28th February – 5th March 2011. As the name suggests, the awareness week aims to get people using the Internet and gaining the skills needed to participate in the new information-based economy. Even in this age of smartphones, wi-fi hotspots and social media, 200 million people in Europe are still without the Internet.


  • Boosting the apprenticeship drive

    Stephen Uden Head of Skills & Economic Affairs, Microsoft U.K - 22 Feb. 2011

    Youth unemployment remains around 20% within the UK and across the OECD. A key challenge facing young people is that they are lacking the experience to enable them to successfully compete for jobs in a tight labour market. 


  • Extending learning possibilities - Office 365 for education

    Matthew Fox WE Education - Cloud Solutions Sales Lead - 10 Feb. 2011

    Office 365 for education will extend learning possibilities to students while helping them master technology they will use in their future careers.


  • Preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow

    Anthony Salcito Vice President of Microsoft Education - 04 Feb. 2011


  • Microsoft volunteers play key roles in community e-skills programs

    Microsoft - 04 Feb. 2011

    Since its launch in 2003, Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential (UP) community technology skills program has reached more than 50,000 community organizations across the world in bringing technology access and skills training to more than 170 million individuals. 


  • Looking at the Agenda for New Skills for New Jobs

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 28 Jan. 2011

    Skills are the link to the successful economies of Europe 2020. The way in which we forecast skills demands, provide access to relevant learning tools and engage Europeans more readily in ongoing workforce development will rapidly impact the job profiles and employment opportunities seen on the European market.


  • Students engage digital skills to help IGOs, NGOs and Nonprofits

    Suzi LeVine - 24 Jan. 2011

    Microsoft has recently launched Imagine Cup Solve This, a new program to provide inspiration for students looking to help solve the world’s toughest problems whilst giving them a platform to narrow their skills gap.


  • Europe's digital pathway

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 12 Jan. 2011


  • Preparing for Europe 2020 jobs

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 05 Jan. 2011

    Many of the jobs in the next two decades simply do not exist today. Regardless of economic sector - retail, automotive, logistics, tourism, manufacturing or telecom- the transformation of industrial processes is upon us! However- are Europeans equipped and in the right skills ‘gear’ for a more digitally driven economy?


  • Digital Natives – The new way to engage Gen Y

    Lucian Tarnowski Founder & CEO - 01 Dec. 2010

    Talent has no age. Talent has no passport. Talent has no gender; but opportunity has all three. Indeed, it is people that are the world's greatest untapped resource.


  • Seeking talented IT students to build IT capacity for non-profits

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 26 Nov. 2010

    For many years at Microsoft, we have been deeply committed as a company to ensuring that the magic of software is accessible also to the non-profit community worldwide. Nonprofit organizations generally strive to serve communities and fill gaps in tough economic times, where resources are increasingly tight.


  • Mapping pathways to employment: connecting students to careers

    Kimberly Voltero & Lorna White - 23 Nov. 2010

    Did you know that 77 percent of jobs will require technology skills in the next five years as predicted by experts?  (Source: IDC)  That's one of the reasons Microsoft is working to help students get low-cost training and certifications that are crucial for today's job market and the next generation of young innovators.


  • Young innovators speak out. Skills that will shape the future

    Piotr Marczuk Governmental Affairs Manager, WSG RG Poland - 26 Oct. 2010

    Global dimensions are changing. To name a few: the shift to a low carbon economy, globalization, technological change, accessible education and an ageing population have all sparked a change in the skills, knowledge base and competencies that the labour market demands. 


  • Take pride: young Britain works - Year 2

    Stephen Uden Head of Skills & Economic Affairs, Microsoft U.K - 20 Oct. 2010


  • e-maturity of students and e-confidence of teachers

    Marc Durando Executive Director, European Schoolnet - 18 Oct. 2010

    Just a few weeks after the launch of the EU flagship initiative Youth on the Move, on 4 October, Microsoft and European Schoolnet hosted a successful EU roundtable on eEducation entitled “ICT – are we doing enough to keep Europeans ahead in education?” in Brussels.


  • Innovation Summit encourages youth to jump in the fast lane

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 15 Oct. 2010

    Creativity is at the heart of stimulating innovation and fostering sustainable growth at European level.  When it is combined effectively with new digital technologies it can solve some of today’s greatest global challenges whilst at the same time generating new employment pathways in the region.


  • Youth on the Move: Elevating young people for the new world of work

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 07 Oct. 2010

    I want to share my reflections on the recent announcement of the “Youth on The Move” initiative launched by the European Commission.  First of all, I was very pleased to see how much this initiative recognizes that opening doors to employability is at the heart of Europe’s success in 2020.  Microsoft is a partner in this journey.


  • Re-skilling the Portuguese workforce for job mobility

    Rodolfo De Oliveira Enterprise Segment Market Manager, Microsoft - 04 Oct. 2010

    At the end of 2009, you may have seen news of a pilot project on that aimed to help remove barriers to job mobility. CITEVE for unemployed people video was posted describing how Microsoft and CITEVE joined forces in Portugal to bring technology skills to unemployed textile workers in the country.  


  • Are we doing enough to keep Europeans ahead in education?

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 01 Oct. 2010

    In Europe we have education placed high on the political agenda, indeed the first single EU-level strategy embracing both education and employment ‘Youth on the Move’ has recently been launched as a key facet of the Europe 2020 agenda!


  • Imagine Cup 2010 Event: Youth and creativity push the boundaries for innovation

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 01 Oct. 2010

    The world's premier student technology competition celebrates this year’s winners on the 6 October! The event takes place at the European Parliament and is hosted by Polish MEP Rafal Trzaskowski.


  • A collaborative framework for Innovative Education

    Vanessa Antoniadou Academic Program Manager, Microsoft Cyprus - 08 Sept. 2010

    Innovation in technology has changed the way we access and consume knowledge! With this in mind there can be no greater impact than that on the delivery of education and the creation of an attractive learning path for students both young and old. 


  • European Parliament celebrates real kids focusing on fakes

    Chris Oldknow Enforcement Policy Counsel - 29 July 2010


  • New skills for new jobs: opportunities for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market

    James Thurston Director, International Accessibility Policy - 20 July 2010

    The Europe 2020 strategy calls for economic growth based on a smart, sustainable and inclusive model that targets an overall employment rate of 75% and a reduction of poverty by 20 Million among other priorities.


  • Seeds of innovation shaping skills and jobs of the future. Imagine Cup Finals, Poland!

    Suzi LeVine - 14 July 2010

    Picture 400 of the brightest young minds from 70 countries in Poland, selected from 325,000 students revealing some of the youngest entrepreneurial technology innovations on the globe! 


  • A European economy linked to eSkilled workers!

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 07 July 2010

    In June the "Enterprise & Industry Magazine" of the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission included an important article on e-skills.


  • Digital skills open the way to greater social inclusion in Europe

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 28 June 2010

    The 2010 Zero Poverty campaign spearheaded by Caritas in Europe reveals that 1 person in 10 with a job in the EU nonetheless lives in poverty.


  • Skilling Europe to innovate in the cloud

    Elena Bonfiglioli & Mark Lange - 17 June 2010

    Can Europe use cloud computing to stimulate economic growth?  If so, what skills will be needed to make most advantage of this technology trend? 


  • Webinar: management skills for the cloud

    Jonathan Liebenau Reader in Technology Management at the London School of Economics - 14 June 2010

    If you missed the chance to read Professor Jonathan Liebenau’s great post of skills and cloud computing, I strongly recommend you finding 10 minutes to watch his webinar on how skilled (or not) the European work force will be to embrace cloud computing


  • Putting new skills and new innovation on the horizon. 1,2 Million Hungarians embrace digital skills in the workplace

    Gyorgy Tilesch Director General of the HELB Foundation - 03 June 2010

    Against the backdrop of the biggest eSkills campaign in Europe, an exciting national eSkills roadshow to help stimulate economic growth in Hungary was launched by Microsoft together with the Association of IT Enterprises  and the HELB Foundation


  • Helping Britain get back to work! Microsoft UK fosters 500,000 people into skills and work

    Stephen Uden Head of Skills & Economic Affairs, Microsoft U.K - 27 May 2010

    With UK unemployment reaching 2.5m and 77% of all jobs requiring digital skills, we launched Britain Works in September 2009 to help 500,000 people get jobs through IT skills training by 2012.   


  • eSkills: helping immigrant women in Europe find employment

    Futures - 27 May 2010

    Sylvie Laffarge tells FUTURES why eSkills are increasingly important for immigrant women looking for employment in the EU.


  • Digital skills open the way to greater social inclusion in Europe

    Microsoft - 17 May 2010


  • Video: hear IT students and young entrepreneurs talk about why IT matters

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 26 April 2010

    We were at the Go digITal event during eSkills week earlier March and spoke to a number of ICT students present.


  • EU e-skills week in Romania: Launching ICT skills portale -

    Stefania Popp Executive Director, Junior Achievement Romania - 20 April 2010 portal puts the incentive on upgrading skills! An initiative launched during the European eSkills Week by Junior Achievement Romania and Microsoft to match the demand for eSkills trainings against available educational resources!


  • Future European competitiveness – dependent on our ability to provide the best education for our children

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 20 April 2010

    The European Union has singled education and training as one of its priorities with the adoption of the Lisbon Strategy, its overarching program focusing on growth and jobs.


  • Event | ICT-Are we doing enough to keep the Europeans ahead in education?

    Events - 26 March 2010

    Education is one of the important targets in Europe’s 2020 Strategy and rightly so.


  • Securing Europe’s competitive future through education: Innovative Education Forum 2010

    Kirsten Panton Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning - 25 March 2010

    The feeling in Berlin this week is not quite one of the majestic city of the past, but much more an innovative, exciting capital looking to the future.


  • Funding boost for Telecentre-Europe will aid Europe’s digital literacy

    Microsoft - 15 March 2010

    With support from Microsoft, enabling Telecentre-Europe to meet and develop the bid, they have secured a €260,000 capacity-building grant from the EU Grundtvig Program. 


  • New Skills for New Europeans – Immigrant Women Realizing Potential

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 04 March 2010

    Women now account for over half of Europe’s immigrants. They face many challenges including higher unemployment and are often clustered in less-skilled occupations.


  • Get on the Bus – what happened next?

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 04 March 2010

    We recently wrote about the Get on the Bus tour of 12 European cities by the Microsoft Born to Learn team. 


  • Video: Extracts from debate on ‘Investing in the skills Europe needs for an Innovation Society?’

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 04 March 2010

    This video captures snapshots of the thoughts, recommendations and commentary that were sparked during the November 30th dinner debate around 'Skills for Innovation'.


  • Video blog: e-skills and the future of Europe

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 04 March 2010

    The competitiveness challenge is one which will decide the future of Europe, and given the nature of globalisation, we as a continent need to get further into the business of selling ideas to be able to meet this challenge


  • CeBIT 2010: Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Zapatero visiting the Microsoft’s Digital Classroom

    Henrik Tesch - 03 March 2010

    CeBIT 2010 opened its doors yesterday, March 2nd. This year’s theme of the most important fair for the IT business is “connected world”.


  • Innovation & e-skills: the lifeblood to Europe’s prosperity

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 03 March 2010

    I strongly believe that innovation is the lifeblood of the 21st century economy. If we just take the way research is done today compared to 15 to 20 years ago we can see a huge difference.


  • Interview: Working with Microsoft, a view from an Italian partner

    Kimberly Voltero Group Audience Marketing Manager - 25 Feb. 2010

    I recently had the chance to speak to one of our Students to Business partners, Roberto Pietra, who is VP of HR at the tech services firm, Avanade.


  • Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems while creating new opportunities for innovative jobs

    Andy Sithers Andy Sithers, UK Academic Developer Evangelist - 24 Feb. 2010

    Every year, Microsoft runs the Imagine Cup, a global technology competition for students to develop their IT skills while at the same time making a difference. 


  • The mantra for Europe – academic/business footprint

    Jan Muehlfeit Chairman of Microsoft Europe - 18 Feb. 2010

    Forward-looking perspectives from INSEAD’s recent conference  ‘Building e-Competences to Strengthen Innovation in Europe’  and the European University-Business Co-operation Forum  would suggest that the academic/business footprint on skills and workforce development is moving towards a closer fit but that there is more work to be done!


  • MultiPoint Mouse Technologies

    Nasha Fitter Senior Product Manager - 26 Jan. 2010

    No matter where I am, there’s one thing we hear that’s always the same: educators the world over want access to affordable, secure, and easy-to-use technology that gives them the tools to increase quality and variety in delivering their curriculum.


  • Introducing the Microsoft Student Career Portal

    Kimberly Voltero Group Audience Marketing Manager - 04 Jan. 2010


  • A programmer’s progress: Michał Moskal’s journey

    Futures - 01 Dec. 2009

    How a student from Wrocław became an expert in software verification – via Aachen and Redmond.


  • eSkills according to Lutz Ziob of MS Learning

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 17 Nov. 2009

    No longer confined to geeks, eSkills is everybody's business.


  • Jean Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, on the skills gap

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 09 Nov. 2009

    Have a look at this interview with Jean Philippe Courtois produced by the INSEAD eLab, following the publication of a report by the European Business Summit and INSEAD proposing a Skills Pact for Europe.


  • Developing Skills in Britain

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 19 Oct. 2009

    We are glad to see that we at Microsoft are taking on challenge and the leadership to boost skills and employability in Europe especially in today's tough economic times.


  • Technology Skills Training Provides Key Route To New Jobs In Portugal

    Editor - 01 Sept. 2009

    An innovative partnership in Portugal that helps unemployed textile workers gain essential ICT skills and jobs is being extended to other industries.


  • Boosting ‘IT fitness’ through skills and qualifications in Germany

    Editor - 01 Sept. 2009

    In Germany’s knowledge-rich economy, it is estimated that 75 percent of productivity growth is generated through the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the workplace, where one in two German employees uses a PC in their job.