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About the author

Jean Gonié
Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy

Author's entries

  • Embracing technology changes and futureproofing the new Regulation

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 03 Feb. 2014

    Microsoft believes that each provision of any proposed legislation should be tested against certain fundamental criteria such as certainty, flexibility – focusing on accountability and desired outcomes (for example, on consent), consistency and technology neutrality – avoiding preferences for particular technological solutions.


  • Advancing privacy in Europe and a new era of personal computing

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 07 Dec. 2012

    It’s an important time for privacy in Europe and globally, and I want to share few of my insights from recent events in Brussels we organized around Privacy and the revision of the EU Data Protection Directive.


  • The EU’s Proposed Data Protection Regulation: Microsoft’s Position

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 16 March 2012

    On 25 January 2012, the European Commission announced a proposed General Data Protection Regulation.  The Commission’s proposal introduces sweeping reforms designed to modernise Europe’s 17-year-old data protection regime. Microsoft welcomes steps to strengthen and harmonise the data protection regime.