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Apps for your Valentine's day!
By: Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe
10 February 2014

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Strolling by the city, window shops are covered with red roses, heart shaped ornaments and volcanic explosions of chocolate. Yet, what about the Windows store? For those who are still a bit lost about what to do on Valentine’s Day, here is a selection of apps which can help!

Flirtulator is an entertainment purpose app which checks your flirting skills between you and your partner. It is not like the other love calculators which shows a huge percentage between two persons indeed it shows how much you flirt with him/her. Good luck!

When it comes to presents chocolate can be your best friend, especially truffles. Still, this year you can try somethig different and instead of running towards the nearest chocolatier use this Chocolate Recipe Cookbook app and test your cooking skills! P.S: It does not have to be Valentine's day in order to try them out!

Kick-start the day with amazing matching cocktails! Cocktail flow teaches you the basics for the perfect Martini, Cosmopolitan and more! You can filter them by type of drink, and also colour! On Valetine's day you can afford to be extra corny and go for matching pink and red drinks!

With Phototastic you can create a collage of you and your sweetheart! Share it with friends on your social networks, you have over 100 templates to choose from!

Prevent yourself and your date from watching a movie fiasco! Whether you are looking for the reviews of the latest blockbuster or insights on old cult movies, the Rotten Tomatoes app will be your best personal advisor!

Plan the perfect romantic getaway! Get tripadvisor for your pc or phone and get instant recommendations form millions of users on what to do, where to start and which restaurants to try. PS: if you are unable to leave your city, check out which activities are nearby and be a tourist in your own streets!

Each moment deserves the perfect soundtrack! After all, what would Titanic be without Celine Dion? Use Beats to access over 20 million songs and dance the night away (or have a nice candle-light dinner with some jazz)

Are you in a long distance relationship? That does not mean you cannot have a cute date with your significant other! Get skype today!

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