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It's app o'clock!
By: Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe
Tags: Apps, Apps
06 February 2014

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Are you tired and in need of a boost? Do you want advice from expert chefs to make your dinners more special? Make the most of any moment with the help of apps from the Windows Store! Whether you need help when making a presentation, or you are just looking for the perfect way to uniwnd after a long day, apps will come to the rescue!

Take a look at the following infographic to see how you can make the most of any hour during the day! Hover over the image or go to the bottom of the page to download them!

Do you use any apps to boost your daily routine? Follow us on @MSEurope and tell us using #DigitalLife. Furthermore, take a look at our latest epic story and discover how a digital lifestyle can open a world of opportunities!

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