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What is the digital generation to you? Meet our winner!
By: Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe
15 January 2014

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Being able to Xbox-battle against people from all over the world? Skyping with your doctor? Babies intuitively using touch devices? There is a lot of discussion around what being part of the digital generation means and we wanted to find out what YOU think! In fact, we wanted to see it through your own eyes (and phone camera) so we ran a competition via our latest, hottest app at the Windows Store: Instagram!

We would like to thank everyone who participated, we received over 90 submissions and choosing the winner was a hard task!

Ready to meet the lucky person? A big applause for Milos Plazacic (Instagram user: plazacicmilos)

Winning photo of the “What is the digital generation to you?"   Microsoft Europe - 2014
Winning photo of the “What is the digital generation to you?" Microsoft Europe - 2014

Milos Plazacic is both a mechanical engineering student at the technical college in Novi Sad and a new media design student at the IT Academy in Belgrade, who works as a freelance web/graphic designer.

Along with a new Nokia Lumia 1020, he won a trip to Brussels in order to be a digital reporter at the grand opening of our new Microsoft Centre. Make sure you tune back so you can relive the event through his own lens. His other Instagram photos are nothing short of amazing, take a look!

By the way, if you want to see the amazing results you can get with the Nokia Lumia 1020, check out Nokia Transitions where six photographers took a journey around New Zealand's Southern Island, documenting their adventures with their phone!

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