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Gaming technology helps children with cerebral palsy
By: Anders Thomsen, Government Affairs Manager
31 July 2012

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The Helene Elsass Center along with Microsoft Partner Commentor and Mitii Development A/S is building a programme called Mitii Kinect to help children diagnosed with cerebral palsy get the consistent help they need to develop their motor skills. Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition which impairs the motor skills and causes issues with physical movement.

The programme uses the Kinect platform, a gaming system that uses the human body movements as a controller, to rebuild muscle and the brains ability to control movements. This is a fun and interactive way for children to train consistently on a daily basis with exercises that need to be repetitive, extensive, and challenging. The programme, using cloud computing, allows children to stay close to home and practice day to day their physical rehabilitation. Traditionally this required a professional healthcare worker to be there to support the child daily. Resources were already being stretched thin and the growing burden on healthcare system financially and the strain on manpower required a new solution. The Mitii Kinect system provided the consistent training the children needed and alleviate the pressure on healthcare professionals so they could see more patients. The system is working successfully and doctors are seeing the improvements among their patients. The great news is that the programme can be adapted for people of all different ages and patients suffering from other brain conditions.

The video below provides an overview on how powerful this solution can be in creating a cost efficient and more helpful tool for curing children with cerebral palsy.

Further information about the research programmes funded by Helene Elsass Center is available at

The Mitii Kinect was commercially launched at RehaCare held in Düsseldorf mid October 2012. Product information is available at Mitii Devlopment.

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