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2011 Global Forum Educator Awards Winners
By: Kirsten Panton, Western Europe Lead Partners in Learning
17 November 2011

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18 projects, and the teachers behind them, were awarded special recognition at the Partners in Learning Global Forum on November 10, 2011 in Washington, D.C. This year’s winners were selected from more than 115 projects, narrowed from more than 200,000 applicants, who competed at national and regional events over the course of the year.

Extending Learning Beyond the Classroom

  • Winner: Chris Clay (New Zealand): “Linking Educational Accomplishments to Real-World Needs”
  • First Runner-Up: Doreen McHale (Ireland): “Birds of Bray”
  • Second Runner-Up: Tessa Van Zadelhoff (Netherlands): “A Travel Agency in our Classroom”
  • Winner: Doug Bergman, Johnny Kissko, Louis Zulli, Donna Thomas and Margaret Noble (United States): “When Fish Fly”
  • First Runner-Up: Rui Silva (Portugal): “Eco-Partnerships”
  • Second Runner-Up: Zhao Yi (China): “Jack Magic Vegetables Company”
Knowledge Building and Critical Thinking
  • Winner: Margaret Noble and David Stahnke (United States): “Illuminated Mathematics”
  • First Runner-Up: Athena Hain-Saunders (Australia): “Real Science Beyond the Classroom”
  • Second Runner-Up: Kara Barker and Roger Lister (Sweden): “Forensic Science”
Innovation in Challenging Contexts
  • Winner: Sandra Caldas Saragoca (Brazil): “Education Beyond Walls”
  • First Runner-Up: Gareth Ritter (United Kingdom): “Interactive Resources Made by Pupils for Pupils”
  • Second Runner-Up: Sangeet Shukramani (India): “One Earth … Our Earth — Together We Can Make A Difference”
Cutting-Edge Use of Microsoft Technology for Learning
  • Winner: Louis Zulli Jr, (United States): “Center for Advanced Technologies News and Information Portal (CATNIP)”
  • First Runner-Up: Steven Ronsijn (Belgium): “genY”
  • Second Runner-Up: Zainuddin Zakaria (Malaysia): “Kodu in Classrooms Around the World”
Educators’ Choice
  • Best Practice: Carlos Antonio Carlo (El Salvador): “I Want to Make Movies”
  • First Runner-Up: Marina Vasileva (Macedonia): “Grandma’s Games”
  • Second Runner-Up: Wen-Ching Yang and I-Fa Su (Taiwan): “Travel the World Together from the Bazhang River”


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