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Career Factor! Online virtual reality show
By: Anneleen Vaandrager, Senior Director of Education, Microsoft Learning
08 March 2011

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Career Factor is the new online reality show based on the experiences of 9 IT personalities seeking to improve their careers by learning new skills, working towards certification and finding a new job. Each of our candidates have set a professional goal and over the course of the next 5 months they will share their every step along the way in real time.

The OECD has recently highlighted that skills upgrading and (re)training of the existing workforce should be a priority. Creative ways and channels to encourage lifelong learning, such as this virtual careers show, must become a reality as the workforce of ten and even twenty years in the future will largely consist of people now in the labour market. Much of the demand for new skills will thus have to be met by training existing workers. Through you can explore the backgrounds of the candidates, learn from their experiences, and share your findings. You’ll find videos, links to learning resources, tips, and updates via their blog and various social media outlets. So take a look around, find some common ground and get inspired by Career Factor.

Career Factor aims to de-mystify career development for IT professionals and developers as well as provide a supportive network, knowledge resource and training platform for those job seeking in the field. The virtual reality show is a way of connecting a shared community to the difficulties and opportunities that lie ahead on the path to a new job.

Taking a closer look at our European candidates:

Bojan, Serbian, living in London, Professional goal: The Aspiring Microsoft Certified Master

Current profession: Technical architect

Read Bojan’s blog here and see how far he has got!

Neil, Ireland, Professional goal: The Windows Azure developer

Current profession: Senior Software Development Engineer

Watch Neil’s video here

Simon, U.K, Professional goal: The IT manager

Current profession: Principal software engineer

‘’So where on earth do I start? That was the question that I asked myself earlier this week when I sat down to start planning out the team’s path to certification. My goal for Career Factor is to get the development team that I manage, certified to a level that allows our employer, to retain their existing Microsoft Partner Programme status and benefits as they transition to the new Microsoft Partner Network.The team, although competent Windows Forms developers, do not have many Microsoft certifications; in fact, myself aside, they have 1 between them and that is in Web development!’’

Follow Simon’s progresshere

So we invite you to walk in their shoes, listen and learn.. .

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