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IT sector will become a key player in a low-carbon society
By: Mary-Anne King, Head of Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft UK
07 March 2011

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I wanted to share with you an interview in The Guardian with Rob Bernard, Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Strategist.

In his interview, Rob explained how the ICT sector must do more to be green. Microsoft already takes steps to reduce its emissions as a company using its own energy saving software, promoting Unified Communications for online conferencing and reducing air travel, increasing the use of renewables in energy-efficient buildings. There is more that the ICT industry as a sector can do to promote better environmental practices across the board.

The Smart 2020 report by GeSI and The Climate Group found that ICT can save 7.8 billion tonnes (Gt) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in the next decade, which is roughly 15% of total global emissions by 2020. Recently, a joint Accenture-WSP Environment report that was commissioned by Microsoft found that when companies move their technology to cloud-computing based applications, their energy use and carbon emissions can reduce from between 30% to over 90%. As cloud computing increases, demands on data centers are likely to rise: Microsoft is focused on making its newest data centers more energy efficient, like the Dublin center that opened in 2009, which uses external air to cool its servers.

Rob’s interview with The Guardian is available here.

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