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Microsoft Office 2010 now available for nonprofits through donations program
By: Sylvie Laffarge, Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship
29 July 2010

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Technology can be an amazing tool to help drive social change and economic development. In their constant struggle to do more with less, many nonprofits have already embraced technology to improve productivity and reduce costs.

I am always inspired when seeing nonprofits in action how ICT can make such a difference to their daily work in serving the most vulnerable in society.

That’s why I am delighted that Microsoft Office 2010 launched this month, is already available to nonprofits through our software donations program.

This means that charities/NGOs around Europe can immediately benefit from the improved productivity & collaborative features of Office 2010 - such as managing e-mail, connecting and working with colleagues online, and creating and sharing professional documents. Software donations are a key part of the company’s global commitment to bring the benefits of relevant, accessible and affordable technology to those who don’t currently have it. NGOs deserve access to the best technology tools to do their important work in their communities. 

Last year Microsoft donated over $80m in software to approximately 3000 nonprofits in Europe. For NGOs to reach their full potential through ICT there is still a long way to go – but when I see first hand how technology is transforming the way NGOs work, I am enthused by the role we can play in enabling these organizations.

Find out more about the software donations program, eligibility criteria and how to apply in your country.