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Microsoft President International at INSEAD: IT and climate change
By: Ray Pinto, Senior Government Affairs Manager
07 September 2011

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I've just re-watched this video of Jean-Philippe Courtois talking to INSEAD about the role that IT can play in mitigating climate change, answering that age-old question: what does the ICT industry have to do with climate change?! It's nearly a couple of years old, but still relevant

Jean-Philippe outlines the three areas in which Microsoft plays a role: cutting its own emissions and, making software and hardware more energy efficient, working through partnerships with organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and the European Environment Agency and helping other industries by developing innovative technologies that they then apply in their own working practices. Since this video we have built data centres that are energy efficient and communication technologies to raise awareness of the issue of climate change. The industry as a whole is coming together to help innovation to a solution but there is still a lot more we can do before we can see any significant impact.