Cloud Computing and Microsoft's new dialogue with the EU
By: John Vassallo, Vice President - EU Affairs
27 January 2010

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As I had announced on the weekend, yesterday I was lucky to accompany Microsoft’s General Counsel, Brad Smith, to a presentation he gave on the company’s vision on Cloud Computing (find a nice summary by my colleague Steve Clayton here, or just have a look at the speech yourself).

I was excited to see so many interested people from industry, think tanks, university and the European institution joining us for the event here in Brussels, and another 600 watching online.

This demonstrates that this topic is crucial not only for the ICT industry, but for others in Europe too. Cloud Computing and its increased computational power while reducing costs of running online applications has the potential to change the way European users, businesses and governments will interact with Information Technology. There are, however, challenges to overcome and questions to answer.

All in all, it was of particular pleasure to see Brad getting on stage and – as he said himself – speaking to a Brussels audience without addressing Competition Law. We aim to actively participate in policy discussions important to the European public, contributing our view as one of many actors. Let’s stay on this course and develop valuable solutions together. I am looking forward to it.