Windows on Europe: Our contribution to advancing growth and competitiveness
By: Jan Muehlfeit, Chairman of Microsoft Europe
29 May 2012

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Where Europe succeeds, we succeed

Europe matters to us. For the past thirty years, it’s been our aim to help fuel the European economy with the programs, partnerships, products and services we deliver, through ourselves and others. Our investment has reaped significant return for thousands of new and existing businesses across the continent.

Microsoft has been investing in Europe for more than 30 years. From day one, we committed to being a strategic long-term partner for growth, knowing that where Europe succeeds, we succeed. 

During that time, ICT has helped transform small ideas into big innovation, fanned the spark of entrepreneurship into the flame of enterprise, and powered the development of Europe’s knowledge economy. And despite today’s challenging economic headwinds, we believe the potential of ICT to create new jobs, new companies and new industries has never been greater, and that our partnership with Europe has never been more important.

We’re committed to working with government, the public sector and private business to address priorities such as education, skills, R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship that will deliver greater competiveness, accelerate recovery and provide the foundation for sustainable future growth.

These priorities, the role of ICT and private-public partnership will be recurrent themes in a series of major events that Microsoft is hosting and participating in across Europe in the coming weeks. We recently held the Microsoft CEE Competitiveness Forum in Warsaw, where dialogue centered on innovation, ICT and policy-making in delivering national plans and economic development goals. This week we’ve hosted a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Microsoft’s development center in Vedbaek, Denmark, a great example of investment in Europe’s R&D talent and scaling local innovation globally, and also presented at the OECD Forum in Paris on employability and skills.

In May, our Cyber security & Digital Crimes Forum in Brussels provides an opportunity for industry and government to collaborate on the toughest security and privacy challenges that underpin consumer and business confidence. And we’ll be discussing innovation, growth and the Digital Single Market at the second annual State of the European Union conference, also in Brussels.

In June, we held one of our most exciting annual events, the European BizSpark Summit, which brought together some of Europe’s together some of Europe’s most innovative and exciting start-ups to share their success stories and debate the role of government and industry in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. We’ll also host IT professionals and developers at our TechEd Europe summit in Amsterdam to discuss exciting new advances in computing, and ways they can help their companies save money and continue to innovate.

We will be sharing different perspectives from these events, and more, to provide a unique window into the dialogues and activities Microsoft is involved in day in, day out, that contribute to advancing Europe’s growth and competiveness agenda. Our aim is provide a broad and compelling picture of how we’re living up to the commitment to Europe that we made 30 years ago and which remains as strong as ever.

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