Conversations on Privacy: Data protection- Transatlantic developments
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Address: The Square; Studio 214-216 on Level 2; Rue Ravensteinstraat 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium (Map)
Event Date: 13 November 2012

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Microsoft has a longstanding commitment to privacy, and works hard to earn the trust of customers around the world by, in part, developing and adopting meaningful privacy practices. To this end we have been facilitating @Microsoft Conversations on Privacy in Washington, D.C. for over a year, on each occasion bringing together a diverse mix of stakeholders to explore some of the most pressing issues related to data privacy. Given today’s high level of interest in the outlook for privacy policy on either side of the Atlantic, we are convening our first European @Microsoft Conversation on 13 November in Brussels.

In this panel discussion, which will take place at the Square between 8.30 and 10.00, we hope to explore the impact that the rapid pace of online innovation, and the resulting surge in the use of social media and proliferation of smart devices in recent years, has had on data collection and sharing. The conversation, moderated by Jean Gonié, Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy, Microsoft, will focus on the latest developments on both sides of the Atlantic and consider whether the privacy regimes are likely to move closer together or further apart. We will also examine the outlook for harmonizing data protection rules and regulations so that they reflect the realities of today’s global online environment.

Our guests will include Jerôme Déroulez, Justice Counselor at the French Permanent Representation to the European Union; Marielle Gallo, Member of European Parliament and Rapporteur of JURI Committee on the Data Protection Regulation and David Vladeck, Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission.

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