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  • Test your internet connection speed easily!

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 30 July 2013

    According to a recent European Commission study on fixed broadband performance, “European consumers are not getting the broadband download speeds they pay for. On average, they receive only 74% of the advertised headline speed they have paid for”.


  • Europe takes leadership on Cybersecurity

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 07 Feb. 2013

    This morning, the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have adopted a Communication on Cyber Security and a complementary proposal for a Directive on measures to ensure a high common level of cyber security across the EU. 


  • Safer Internet Day 2013 - the challenges of today’s digital world

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Feb. 2013


  • Windows 8 family safety settings help keep kids safer online

    Jacqueline Beauchere Director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft - 10 Jan. 2013


  • Advancing privacy in Europe and a new era of personal computing

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 07 Dec. 2012

    It’s an important time for privacy in Europe and globally, and I want to share few of my insights from recent events in Brussels we organized around Privacy and the revision of the EU Data Protection Directive.


  • Kid’s corner on Windows Phone 8 – our next deliverable to the CEO coalition

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Nov. 2012

    The children of today are citizens of a digital era. Children now have the opportunity to learn in both fun and interactive ways. They can explore and develop their passions in a manner that not long ago would have been either unaffordable or simply unavailable.


  • More privacy by default: Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

    Sue Glueck Assistant General Counsel - 01 June 2012

    At last year’s Online Tracking Protection & Browsers workshop in Brussels, Vice President Kroes said  “we should collectively pay more attention to the emerging 'do-not-track' technologies – or DNT for short.” 


  • Ubiquitous Computing: serving user needs anytime, anywhere

    Cornelia Kutterer & Fabien Petitcolas Senior Policy Counsel & Director for Innovation, Europe - 13 April 2012


  • Safer Internet Day 2012 in Newcastle: Connecting Generations

    Bonnie Kearney Director, Accessibility Marketing & Communications, Trustworthy Computing Communications - 15 Feb. 2012

    As efforts continue worldwide to improve digital inclusion, online safety has never been more important.


  • Are you safe online? Microsoft observes Safer Internet Day

    Una O'Sullivan Western Europe Citizenship Community Affairs Manager - 10 Feb. 2012


  • Who pays for Data Protection?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 April 2011

    As you may know, the EU is reviewing its data protection laws, and recently I participated in a hearing hosted by the European Parliament’s EPP group on one of the many important questions being looked at: “Who pays for Data Protection?”