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  • Take a backstage tour at Microsoft Research Cambridge

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 18 Oct. 2013


  • Lab Environment Motivates Interns

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 06 Sept. 2013

    Each summer, Microsoft Research labs around the world assign mentors, set up extra workspaces, and welcome a new crop of interns. The internship program is a significant component of Microsoft Research’s partnership with the academic world.


  • A Computer-Vision View of the World

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 28 Aug. 2013

    A robot comes up from the subway. How does it know where it is?


  • Coming to aid of brain-tumour patients

    Rob Knies Managing Editor, Microsoft Research - 28 March 2013

    Fourteen to 15 months—that’s the average prognosis for patients with glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of malignant glioma, says Dr. Patrick Y. Wen, clinical director of the Center for Neuro-Oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


  • Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn visits Cambridge

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 06 Feb. 2013

    The EU and its Member States investment in R&D is a vital, long-term investment in our collective future. In coming years, Europe’s prosperity, competitiveness and social cohesion will depend far more on its intellectual capital than on any other form of wealth; to starve its education, research or innovation base now will set back Europe’s global competitiveness by years.


  • Supporting future pioneers of computer science

    Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche Senior Research Program Manager in Microsoft Research Connections EMEA - 10 Dec. 2012

    When Jurgen van Gael joined London-based start-up Rangespan – a company which develops analytical tools to help retailers grow and optimise their online range – he found his combination of scientific and practical experience to be crucial for making an impact in the start-up environment.


  • Inspiring the next generation of scientists

    Dorothee Belz Vice President Legal and Corporate Affairs for Microsoft Corporation in Europe  - 24 June 2011

    Educate, inspire, connect – three words that describe the unique summit taking place this year: the 61st annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.  It is an exceptional conference which illustrates just how meaningful and fascinating science is for society.


  • Information technology skills boost innovation

    Andrew Herbert Chairman, Microsoft Research EMEA - 20 April 2011


  • Enhancing the web with multilingual content

    Tony Hey Corporate VP, Microsoft Research Connections - 24 Nov. 2010

    Availability of content on the internet in languages other than English remains a problem and in particular several European languages.


  • Behind the scenes in Microsoft’s research laboratory in Cambridge

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 29 July 2010

    For the second year Microsoft Research in Cambridge opened its doors to an audience of press, academics, industry and policymakers for an event called “Enabling Innovation Through Research”.


  • Going for Go

    Futures - 28 June 2010

    Go is a game so complex that raw computing power was never going to be enough to turn it into a competitive computer game. But two Cambridge researchers found a way – with a programming language used for analysing financial risks.


  • Barcelona and the future for the cloud

    Microsoft - 27 May 2010

    A converted chapel in Barcelona is the home for a supercomputing centre that is helping to revolutionise the way we will use cloud computing.


  • Mobile phones, XBOX consoles and health? Yes, there is a link!

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 30 April 2010

    Patient empowerment is key to healthcare in the future. Patients themselves are demanding it, as they want more control of their health and wellbeing than might have been the case before.


  • Honour for Cambridge lab head

    Microsoft - 01 March 2010

    Andrew Herbert has always been fascinated by computing, completing his first degree in computational science in 1975 and since then gaining a PhD from Cambridge University, founding a couple of companies and later joining Microsoft Research Cambridge in the UK, where he is now managing director.


  • Free multimedia for the developing world

    Futures - 01 Dec. 2009

    What developing countries need is a stable, sustainable, robust and low-cost means of delivering services and information.