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  • A bright future for cities? Thoughts from the “Future of Cities” forum

    David Burrows Managing Director of Government Industry, Europe, Middle East & Africa - 27 Sept. 2012

    With more than 50% of the world’s population already living in cities, and projections that this number will surpass 70% by 2050, the accelerating trend of urbanization raises many challenges and demands for governments.


  • Making Ministry of Education website cope when exam results are out

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 03 Aug. 2012

    In this case study you can read about how through cloud computing, SIVECO Romania’s solution helped the Ministry of Education lower costs and offer new and more reliable services to the public.


  • UK local authorities process citizens’ forms 80 percent faster, reduce costs with cloud solution

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 25 July 2012

    In this case study, you can read about how IEG4 used cloud computing to help local UK governments deliver services faster and minimize costs.


  • A vision for Denmark: an innovative public sector that promotes quality and shared responsibility

    David Burrows Managing Director of Government Industry, Europe, Middle East & Africa - 29 June 2012


  • Building better broadband for Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 24 April 2012

    Faced with economic malaise, Europe needs to fully harness all of its natural resources. One vital and valuable resource that remains underused is TV-band and other spectrum.


  • European Regions for Growth: the opportunity of cloud computing

    Events - 24 April 2012

    Removing barriers to boost cloud computing opportunities, letting our industries and SMEs grow and better compete inside and outside the European Union.


  • Steria - eVoting Demonstration

    Demos - 05 April 2012


  • Unisys - Citizen Interaction Solution

    Demos - 04 April 2012


  • Digital services for European governments

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 04 April 2012

    The on-going debate around the world’s economic recession may be an unpleasant topic to address, but in my job as Vice President for Public Sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa, I face this issue every day when meeting with customers and partners, and I believe we need to continue addressing it in order to solve it!


  • Better, faster, cheaper! Eliminating the hassle in public administrations

    Karen McCandless News Editor of Touch magazine, Editor of - 20 Feb. 2012


  • Governments Solutions Forum 2012

    Events - 20 Jan. 2012


  • Outlook for 2012, fuelling the European economy

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 18 Jan. 2012


  • Pioneers for IT services for the public sector use cloud to cut costs and improve service

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 Dec. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about London Borough of Newham’s leading example of utilizing cloud computing in public sector services and sharing technology with neighbouring boroughs which has resulted in improved service delivery and digital engagement with its citizens.


  • We came a long way, and there is still a long way to go

    Dr Meir Pugatch & Helen Disney - 07 Dec. 2011

    Earlier this year, the European Commission adopted a wide-ranging strategy on IPRs. This strategy sets out a blueprint for a number of initiatives the Commission intends to launch between now and 2012 in various areas, including patents, trade marks, geographical indications, copyright licensing and digital libraries.


  • Public sector cloud computing scenarios

    Dr. Peter Deussen Senior Researcher at Fraunhofer FOKUS - 06 Dec. 2011

    Cloud computing  is currently considered to have great potential in mitigating the financial and administrative difficulties of public administrations in Germany. It promises to both optimize the use of IT resources, and encourages a great variety of collaboration options.


  • Greater public sector efficiency through the application of technology

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 20 Oct. 2011

    Success in the public sector today rides on not only being able to do more with less, but also being able to meet and exceed citizens’ expectations.


  • European innovations unveiled

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 30 Sept. 2011


  • Street Care by Spenta

    Demos - 26 Sept. 2011

    “Report issues with city infrastructure in real-time”


  • Public 360 by Software Innovation

    Demos - 26 Sept. 2011

    Public 360° is a leading application suite for integrated Case, Document & Records Management designed specifically for public administrations.


  • Cloud helps the City of Madrid stay green, one tree at a time

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 Sept. 2011

    In this case study, you can read about how a Madrid based company has developed a cloud solution to enable its 17,000 residents help the city council maintain its 245,000 trees and keep the city green, with the help of an innovative SME – Tecnigral .


  • A bright outlook on Romania’s development to become a digital society

    Sanda Foamete Academic Program Manager, Microsoft Romania - 02 Aug. 2011

    In July 2011, Romania’s first Digital Agenda conference highlighted the importance of getting every European citizen online and equipping them with the right digital skills.


  • Cloud computing, transforming the game in Europe?

    Bruno Lanvin Executive Director, eLab, INSEAD - 27 July 2011

    Cloud computing has all the ingredients of a true revolution in the way business, governments and individuals handle information.


  • How to make the most of the open data opportunity?

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 13 July 2011


  • Video interview: What legislation can do to maximize cloud computing benefits for European citizens

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 06 July 2011

    Continuing my cloud conversation with Microsoft International’s president Jean-Philippe Courtois, we now talk about the ongoing availability of cloud technologies for citizens.


  • ‘Skills for the Cloud’: shaping the debate in Rome

    Gian Luca Petrillo Government Affairs Manager, Italy - 30 June 2011


  • How TV White Spaces can bring broadband to all

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 26 June 2011

    Several of the EU’s biggest tech and media companies join together to explore use of TV white spaces spectrum to help meet the fast rising demand for broadband and therefore meet Europe 2020 targets for broadband coverage.


  • eGovernment in times of economic challenges

    Ruediger Dorn Director Innovation, WW Technology Office MS Corp - 09 June 2011

    The Centre for eGovernance Development in Ljubljana and the Austrian Computer Society in Vienna have co-organised the 9th Eastern European eGov Days on "eGovernment in Times of Economic Challenges”.


  • Counterfeiting, Piracy and IP Enforcement

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 20 May 2011

    You might imagine that counterfeiting and piracy were a thing of the past, particularly in the EU, but sadly this is not the case for most industries, including the technology and software sectors. For business software alone, the software piracy rate in western Europe stands at about 34%, one in three copies of business software in use in Europe is counterfeit or pirated.


  • Video interview: How cloud computing can help public sector in Europe make difficult choices

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 06 May 2011

    Following the recent economic downturn, public sector administration across Europe have had to make some tough financial decisions, whilst still ensuring high quality and cost effective services for the ever more digital citizens in Europe.


  • Hospital uses cloud computing to improve patient care and reduce costs

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 15 April 2011

    In this case study, you can read about how the shift to cloud computing has enabled up to 60% cost savings in Italy’s largest paediatric research and treatment centre, freeing up more resources to be invested in research.


  • Who pays for Data Protection?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 April 2011

    As you may know, the EU is reviewing its data protection laws, and recently I participated in a hearing hosted by the European Parliament’s EPP group on one of the many important questions being looked at: “Who pays for Data Protection?”


  • Microsoft and the EU’s Sustainable Energy Week

    Jim Beveridge Director of International Technology Affairs - 12 April 2011

    The EU’s Sustainable Energy Week is in town: Brussels and 44 European countries are hosting a wide range of events and attracting thousands of people to take part in sessions which highlight the urgent need to improve energy efficient as part of global efforts to combat climate change.


  • We are moving forward on cloud computing in Europe on all levels

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 06 April 2011

    If ever proof was needed of the importance of cloud computing to local regional and national governments, then I heard a wealth of evidence during my visit to Rome today.


  • Discover how key public organizations can boost their efficiency in the cloud

    Vincent Dupont Business Manager Health & Social Sector, Microsoft - 04 April 2011

    Did your organization ever face the same problems? Stretched deadlines, missing the right IT infrastructure for launching a highly visible collaboration project, sharing documents with many internal and external stakeholders across various regions.


  • Belgium used cloud computing to collaborate with partners during EU Presidency

    Microsoft - 31 March 2011


  • Adding our voice to concerns about search in Europe

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 31 March 2011

    Microsoft is filing a formal complaint with the European Commission as part of the Commission’s ongoing investigation into whether Google has violated European competition law. We thought it important to be transparent and provide some information on what we’re doing and why.


  • The momentum of cloud computing in the public sector

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 22 March 2011


  • Event: Digital Values series - Future Consumers

    Events - 14 March 2011

    New technologies become interwoven with our everyday lives and our relationship with gadgets is constantly evolving. Do the current terms and concepts of consumer protection remain valid in the digital age? What are the new vulnerabilities and do we need to re-learn consumer protection?


  • Event: Worldwide Government Solutions Forum 2011, 6-7 April

    Events - 09 March 2011

    Efficiency and Opportunity: how the Cloud is powering Future Government.


  • Working towards a cloud-active strategy in Europe

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 09 March 2011


  • Event: Official opening - Cloud & Interoperability Center, 22 March

    Events - 07 March 2011


  • Microsoft and athenahealth to better connect hospitals, physicians and patients

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 03 March 2011

    Microsoft and athenahealth, a leading provider of web-based practice management, electronic health record (EHR), and patient communication services to medical groups, have aligned to launch an electronic health solution that will improve the connectivity and communication between hospitals, physicians and patients.


  • Getting ready for the cloud computing age

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 25 Jan. 2011


  • EU Framework for Cloud Computing

    Events - 17 Jan. 2011

    Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President for Legal & Corporate Affairs, talks to France’s Assemblée Nationale about the opportunities that cloud computing represents for the European Union.


  • Early signs of the cloud (R)evolution in health and wellbeing in Europe

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 29 Nov. 2010


  • Europe is the global leader in nation-wide implementation of eHealth solutions

    Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann Senior Research Fellow Empirica - 08 Nov. 2010

    Ten years after the presentation of the European Lisbon Strategy for growth and employment, which had resolved to make Europe the most competitive and knowledge-driven economy by 2010, a final judgement on success or failure of the overall strategy is difficult.


  • Breaking the barriers to a cloud single market in Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 04 Nov. 2010

    Growth has been the watchword at the Government Leaders Forum (GLF) in London. It’s an event that brings together some of the region’s most influential public sector figures under one roof, in an effort to find new ways to drive sustainable economic growth in Europe.


  • The economics of cloud computing for the EU public sector

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 04 Nov. 2010


  • Cloud driving change in the IT department & profession

    Nigel Gibbons Chairman of UniTech - 02 Nov. 2010

    The fusing of ICT with business economic delivery models is challenging the future of the IT profession.


  • Isabela brings interoperability to life

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 19 Oct. 2010

    I have a job within Microsoft that focuses on interoperability, working with other companies to make sure our products work well together. This is part of the company’s commitment to customers, and we understand that enabling choices creates more opportunities for our customers, partners and developers, and that also will make us more successful as a company in the future.   


  • Telemedicine: A tool for patient empowerment

    Nicole Denjoy Secretary General of COCIR - 08 Oct. 2010

    A special ‘European file’ edition focusing on Telemedicine was recently published under the leadership of Gerard Comyn, Vice-President CATEL, and former Head of Unit ‘ICT for Health’, DG INFSO, European Commission.


  • Presidency workshop on eHealth strategies reveals the importance of knowledge sharing

    Wendy Currie - 27 Sept. 2010

    We attended the eHealth Strategies of European Countries Validation Workshop held on the 16 September 2010 in Brussels, hosted by the Belgium Presidency and organized jointly by the EC and Empirica.


  • Keeping an eye on the environment

    Futures - 27 May 2010


  • Video: Environment agency introduces their European air & water quality tracker

    Microsoft - 18 May 2010

    Learn how the government agency - European Environment Agency - is raising environmental awareness across Europe through Eye On Earth, a platform based on Windows Azure.


  • Smarter government in the UK: collaboration across and between departments

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 04 May 2010

    One aspect of government we thoroughly dislike here in the UK is useless and inefficient bureaucracy. 


  • Mundie spells out the challenges

    Futures - 23 April 2010

    Computer science can play a major role in fuelling scientific breakthroughs in other fields, but only if it can meet its own grand challenges, said Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer of Microsoft at a symposium in Brussels debating how best to use EU-funded research programmes to solve grand challenges.


  • An example of applied interoperability

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 05 March 2010

    Hear me talking about the Eye on Earth online tool. This website shows data from thousands of air and water quality stations from across Europe in real-time. (By the way, I say 60,000 stations in the video but I was told I got a little ahead of myself - it's actually 6,000!).


  • Bend the Trend: my two-minute pitch

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 12 Feb. 2010

    Think industry is the biggest emitter of C02?


  • Contributing to a “Better Climate” through Cloud Technology

    Ludo De Bock Senior Director EU/NATO MS Corp - 14 Dec. 2009

    With Eye On Earth providing near to real-time information on Water and Air quality, encouraging two-way collaboration with citizens, Environmental Atlas of Europe now extends our digital platform to educate on climate change. (See my previous post)


  • Environmental Atlas of Europe

    Ray Pinto Senior Government Affairs Manager - 14 Dec. 2009

    The European Environment Agency and Microsoft launched their latest project this month - the Environmental Atlas of Europe (Atlas) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen.


  • Low carbon: Public-private partnerships take up the challenge

    Futures - 01 Dec. 2009

    Big challenges can encourage big solutions, and at the end of last year there was no challenge bigger than Europe’s response to the economic turmoil caused by the global credit crisis.


  • Partnering to Enable European Citizens to Monitor Climate Change

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 30 Nov. 2009

    As part of our on-going partnership with the EEA to combine cutting-edge technology and environmental data, we have expanded the EEA’s Eye on Earth portal by adding AirWatch, a new service which will provide air quality information to more than 500 million people across Europe.


  • Europeans rate the air quality using the internet

    Microsoft - 30 Nov. 2009

    Through Eye on Earth, a repository for geographical environmental information created by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft, Europeans can see and rate the air quality with an online application called AirWatch.


  • Europeans rate water quality of beaches , lakes and rivers using the Internet

    Microsoft - 18 Nov. 2009