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  • Cloud policy, big data and the long tail of science

    Dennis Gannon Director, Cloud Research Strategy - 28 Feb. 2012


  • Event: Towards an interoperable and open European Cloud

    Events - 17 Oct. 2011

    Hosted by Microsoft and the Fraunhofer Research Institute, the roundtable helped identify the main elements of the upcoming European Cloud Strategy and how this will affect European companies, government institutions and citizens.


  • Openness and choice: key enablers of a dynamic ICT marketplace

    Steve Mutkoski Regional Director, Interoperability and Innovation - 15 Sept. 2011

    Standards are an important part of a dynamic ICT marketplace, fostering interoperability, collaboration, competition and consumer trust.


  • Health for all, care for you: The promise of personalised healthcare in Europe

    Futures - 08 Sept. 2011

    Personalised healthcare stands at the confluence of the most powerful technologies in the history of the life sciences.  


  • A 'cloud-friendly' EU

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 05 Sept. 2011

    Cloud computing is the crest of the wave of new and better computing possibilities – giving more efficient and cost-effective ways to run small and large organizations, and providing new applications and flexibility for individual and corporate users. As you may have seen our CEO Steve Ballmer say, “Microsoft is ‘all in’ for the Cloud”.


  • Interoperability: Standards that open doors for businesses and consumers

    Craig Shank General Manager, Interoperability Group - 25 Aug. 2011

    I’m Craig Shank, and I work in Microsoft’s Interoperability Group. I’m excited to join in sharing our thoughts on some of the key collaborations needed to make products and services work together across the ICT marketplace


  • How to make the most of the open data opportunity?

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 13 July 2011


  • Expanding interoperability to community Linux

    Michaela Kraft Open Source Strategy Lead Western Europe - 01 June 2011


  • Video interview: How cloud computing can help public sector in Europe make difficult choices

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 06 May 2011

    Following the recent economic downturn, public sector administration across Europe have had to make some tough financial decisions, whilst still ensuring high quality and cost effective services for the ever more digital citizens in Europe.


  • A new age in education, choice and control for digital consumers

    Thomas Myrup Kristensen Former Senior EU Policy Director - 20 April 2011

    The successful future of online advertising depends on the trust of consumers, which in turn depends on transparency. Yesterday Microsoft along with other industry players signed the IAB Europe led Online Behavioural Advertising Framework (OBA), a piece of self-regulation that will help users understand and control behavioural advertising that they receive.


  • Adding our voice to concerns about search in Europe

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 31 March 2011

    Microsoft is filing a formal complaint with the European Commission as part of the Commission’s ongoing investigation into whether Google has violated European competition law. We thought it important to be transparent and provide some information on what we’re doing and why.


  • The momentum of cloud computing in the public sector

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 22 March 2011


  • Event: Official opening - Cloud & Interoperability Center, 22 March

    Events - 07 March 2011


  • Isabela brings interoperability to life

    Francesca Di Massimo Security & Interoperability Lead, Western Europe - 19 Oct. 2010

    I have a job within Microsoft that focuses on interoperability, working with other companies to make sure our products work well together. This is part of the company’s commitment to customers, and we understand that enabling choices creates more opportunities for our customers, partners and developers, and that also will make us more successful as a company in the future.   


  • Microsoft is committed to openness

    Michaela Kraft Open Source Strategy Lead Western Europe - 12 Oct. 2010

    The fact is, the world has changed. People are using more and more digital technologies, and the devices and software they use come from a wide variety of sources.


  • EU Council agrees on dynamic cross-border healthcare for Europeans

    Octavian Purcarea Industry Solutions Manager - 04 Oct. 2010

    June 2010 saw the EU Council agree on a Draft Directive on cross-border care. While this is not the final step for full adoption the positive vote of the EU Council is opening a new perspective on cross-border care and on the use of eHealth as a tool to facilitate the mobility of EU citizens. 


  • The art of interoperability: creating simplicity from complexity

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 13 Sept. 2010


  • CLOUD EVENT 3: Cloud computing interoperability

    Events - 26 Aug. 2010


  • Open source & Microsoft’s cloud computing work in harmony

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 12 Aug. 2010


  • When lawyers are looking at eHealth…

    Octavian Purcarea Industry Solutions Manager - 10 Aug. 2010

    Recently I was invited to speak about new business models of eHealth at a conference in Denmark. It was surprising that this eHealth conference, The New Age of Health IT, was in fact organized by the International Bar Association!


  • HealthVault arrives in Europe…

    Octavian Purcarea Industry Solutions Manager - 28 July 2010

    HealthVault – the Microsoft Personal Health Record platform – is now in Europe!


  • The EU's Digital Agenda puts the focus on technology as a way to help all European citizens

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 22 July 2010


  • Putting citizens in charge of their health

    John Coulthard Senior Director Healthcare and Life Sciences - 13 July 2010

    Today, we try to control just about every aspect of our lives. Technology, software, mobile devices and a culture of individual empowerment means we have greater choice over how, when and where we work and live.


  • Views on the European Commission Digital (Cloud Computing) Agenda

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 07 July 2010

     It’s a type of Rorschach inkblot test: two people could look at the EC’s Communication on the Digital Agenda for Europe and see interesting variations.


  • Rising to the interoperability challenge in the public sector

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 17 May 2010

      ICT interoperability is a fundamental challenge for our industry.


  • Smarter government in the UK: collaboration across and between departments

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 04 May 2010

    One aspect of government we thoroughly dislike here in the UK is useless and inefficient bureaucracy. 


  • Microsoft statement on Granada declaration

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 04 May 2010

    Microsoft strongly supports the efforts of the European Commission and governments across Europe to build smart, sustainable and inclusive growth outlined in the Europe 2020 strategy.


  • Cloud computing gives Europeans free data on air and water quality

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 13 April 2010


  • An example of applied interoperability

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 05 March 2010

    Hear me talking about the Eye on Earth online tool. This website shows data from thousands of air and water quality stations from across Europe in real-time. (By the way, I say 60,000 stations in the video but I was told I got a little ahead of myself - it's actually 6,000!).


  • eHealth and Interoperability

    Elena Bonfiglioli Senior Director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Health Industry, Worldwide Health Team, Public Sector, Microsoft - 04 March 2010

    Interoperability and eHealth might at first glance appear as very different concepts – but the actual relationship between the two is extremely important. 


  • Interoperability and cloud computing

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 04 March 2010


  • Fuelling EU growth through cloud computing technologies

    Events - 02 March 2010

    In Europe and elsewhere, computing is experiencing a powerful transformation. Driven by continuous innovations in software, hardware and the Internet, traditional models of computing are gradually shifting. 


  • Interoperability: The Other Side of our Settlement with the European Commission

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 18 Dec. 2009

    Times have changed. "Microsoft has been on a journey itself... doing things on interoperability that were unimaginable just a few years ago..."


  • Cloud Computing interoperability and data portability

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 11 Dec. 2009


  • eHealth systems putting the patient at the centre

    Futures - 01 Dec. 2009

    Interoperability and building trust in the privacy and security of eHealth systems is the route to patient-centric healthcare


  • Interoperability and EU Services Directive

    Microsoft - 27 Nov. 2009

    Video from Microsoft Interoperability Series on the EU Services Directive. Filmed in Brussels, October 2009.


  • Windows 7 and interoperability

    Microsoft - 27 Nov. 2009

    Erich Andersen, VP and Deputy General Counsel of the Windows Business at Microsoft, speaking about the prevalence of interoperability in Windows 7.


  • Interoperability Series

    19 Oct. 2009

    Collaboration is at the heart of the European project. Implementation of numerous European policies depends on cooperation between the Member States. Information technology plays a crucial role in enabling these policy goals to become a reality, and collaboration among the many stakeholders involved presents a need for technologies as well as processes that can work together.