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  • New milestone in the conversation about electronic privacy laws

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 22 Sept. 2014

    This article was originally published on the Microsoft on the Issues blog.


  • WEBINAR: Big, open and properly protected data?

    Events - 22 Sept. 2014


  • Privacy authorities across Europe approve Microsoft’s cloud commitments

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 10 April 2014


  • Embracing technology changes and futureproofing the new Regulation

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 03 Feb. 2014

    Microsoft believes that each provision of any proposed legislation should be tested against certain fundamental criteria such as certainty, flexibility – focusing on accountability and desired outcomes (for example, on consent), consistency and technology neutrality – avoiding preferences for particular technological solutions.


  • Marking Data Privacy Day with dialogue and new data

    Brendon Lynch Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft - 27 Jan. 2014


  • The Manifesto for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Bertrand Salord Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft Europe - 08 Oct. 2013


  • Trustev: A pioneer in using Social Fingerprinting technology to combat online e-commerce frauds

    Bertrand Salord Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft Europe - 27 Aug. 2013


  • Privacy-friendly smart metering

    Fabien Petitcolas Director for Innovation, Europe - 12 Aug. 2013

    When people talk about smart metering they often worry about user’s privacy which could be threaten by disclosing fine-grained consumption data to utilities. But what if users could get the best of both worlds: on the one hand lower energy costs thanks to precise billing of consumption and, on the other hand, not revealing any detailed consumption information to third parties?


  • Luxembourg’s Parliament resolves to protect net neutrality, and the EU should follow

    Jean-Jacques Sahel Director, EMEA Policy and International Organisations - 01 July 2013


  • What are the policy considerations in enabling Big Data?

    C. Kutterer,EU Inst Relations;C. Nguyen,Technology Policy;P.Haynes,US-R&D Advanced Strategies&Policy - 16 April 2013


  • Big data: The next big ICT policy debate in Brussels

    C. Kutterer,EU Inst Relations;C. Nguyen,Technology Policy;P.Haynes,US-R&D Advanced Strategies&Policy - 12 April 2013

    In recent years, cloud computing has captured much of policy makers’ attention. With its massive datacenters, the Internet cloud delivers virtually infinite resources, providing the storage capacity to orchestrate massive flow of information and, most importantly, providing an elasticity of computing resources that cuts costs for businesses and government alike.


  • Digital Agenda review and 2013 ‘digital’ priorities: future innovation is key

    Jean-Jacques Sahel Director, EMEA Policy and International Organisations - 01 March 2013


  • Advancing privacy in Europe and a new era of personal computing

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 07 Dec. 2012

    It’s an important time for privacy in Europe and globally, and I want to share few of my insights from recent events in Brussels we organized around Privacy and the revision of the EU Data Protection Directive.


  • Conversations on Privacy: Data protection- Transatlantic developments

    Events - 25 Oct. 2012


  • Net Neutrality: As the discussion matures, who will be the winners?

    Ajit Jaokar Director of futuretext - 07 Sept. 2012

    The Net Neutrality discussion has always been emotive on both sides (Internet providers & users, and Telecoms). However, the discussion has now matured.


  • Digital Agenda Assembly: and now for some action

    Jean-Jacques Sahel Director, EMEA Policy and International Organisations - 23 Aug. 2012

    Late June several hundred academics, entrepreneurs, regulators, politicians, civil society and other ‘digital enthusiasts’ met in Brussels for the second annual Digital Agenda Assembly, led by the European Commission.


  • Why cloud customers can’t ignore model clauses, especially now

    Brad Smith Senior VP and General Counsel Microsoft - 06 July 2012


  • More privacy by default: Do Not Track in Internet Explorer 10

    Sue Glueck Assistant General Counsel - 01 June 2012

    At last year’s Online Tracking Protection & Browsers workshop in Brussels, Vice President Kroes said  “we should collectively pay more attention to the emerging 'do-not-track' technologies – or DNT for short.” 


  • AdChoices icon will bring greater transparency to Online Behavioral Advertising

    Townsend Feehan Attorney - 11 May 2012

    For several weeks now, internet users visiting MSN sites in EEA countries will have seen a small “AdChoices” icon next to online adverts appearing on the sites.


  • Data protection: a new set of rules for SMEs

    Françoise Le Bail European Commission, Director General for Justice - 02 May 2012

    On March 27, I had the pleasure of attending the third annual Summit of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) in Brussels. I was greeted by over 100 IAMCP partners who had come together to position innovative SMEs at the centre of Europe's economic recovery.


  • Stepping up the fight against cybercrime in Europe

    Bill Harmon Associate General Counsel, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit - 29 March 2012

    The use of the Internet, PCs, smart phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of how we study, work and interact with friends, and family. Unfortunately, technology has become an indispensable tool for criminals as well.


  • The EU’s Proposed Data Protection Regulation: Microsoft’s Position

    Jean Gonié Director of Privacy, EMEA Policy - 16 March 2012

    On 25 January 2012, the European Commission announced a proposed General Data Protection Regulation.  The Commission’s proposal introduces sweeping reforms designed to modernise Europe’s 17-year-old data protection regime. Microsoft welcomes steps to strengthen and harmonise the data protection regime.


  • The views of the European Privacy Association on the EU Data Protection Proposal

    Paolo Balboni Director of the European Privacy Association, Partner at ICT Legal Consulting - 08 March 2012

    More protection for EU citizens, but organizational costs for enterprises, with sanctions determined at the EU level – that, in a nutshell, is the EU Commission’s proposal for General Data Protection Regulation.


  • Making privacy work for everybody

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 26 Jan. 2012

    A big question for governments and business at the moment, and indeed for users of the internet all over the world, is how personal data – a person’s identity, personal materials, financial or sensitive information – can be protected in a workable and effective way.


  • Tracking Protection technologies: a step closer to more privacy online

    Adrian Bateman Program Manager, Internet Explorer - 24 Jan. 2012

    In the last ten years  Microsoft has invested heavily in user privacy. Just like security, privacy considerations are baked into every Microsoft product.


  • They know where you live. And more…

    Futures - 20 Dec. 2011

    In November 2008, the French magazine Le Tigre published "Marc L.," a portrait of a 29-year-old who worked for an architecture firm near Bordeaux. The author had never met his subject but needed only a few minutes of Web searching to discover a large number of personal details, right down to his girlfriend’s name, her parents’ address, and what he did on his last vacation.


  • A Better Online Experience for Kids

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 30 Nov. 2011

    Today, Commissioner Neelie Kroes announced the CEO Coalition on Child Online Safety. Microsoft is pleased to be a founding member of this coalition.


  • The EU’s Digital Agenda creating a safer ride on the net

    Futures - 18 Nov. 2011

    Microsoft’s innovation’s magazine FUTURES released an interview with ROBERT MADELIN, Director-general for Information Society and Media at the European Commission.


  • Will the cookies crumble?

    Futures - 10 Nov. 2011

    Visit a website, get a cookie. You can’t see it, but it is a small file that is installed on your computer whenever you browse a travel site, buy books online or search for a new refrigerator. The cookie remembers you, allowing the site to store information about you and your preferences – and making you a better advertising target.


  • No one-size fits all approach to online safety: Highlighting the European model

    Julie Inman Grant Global Director of Online Safety and Privacy Outreach - 24 Oct. 2011


  • Keeping children safe and empowering them to be good “digital citizens”

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 06 Oct. 2011

    Connected to the Internet, the PC and mobile devices have created enormous opportunities for people of all ages to enhance the way they work, learn, play and communicate.


  • Who’s in charge here? Consumers driving corporate technology purchases

    Futures - 30 Sept. 2011

    More than 100 million people in Western Europe will buy a smartphone this year. Within minutes of opening the package they will be setting up connections to mail servers, downloading third-party applications and synchronising music and games with their existing online life.


  • Cybercriminals versus the good guys

    Futures - 05 Aug. 2011

    Scammers are getting more clever. But software companies and policymakers are becoming smarter too.


  • Tracking protection, a new way to protect consumer’s information online

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 23 June 2011


  • Event: Digital Values series - Expressed Freedoms

    Microsoft - 17 June 2011


  • eGovernment in times of economic challenges

    Ruediger Dorn Director Innovation, WW Technology Office MS Corp - 09 June 2011

    The Centre for eGovernance Development in Ljubljana and the Austrian Computer Society in Vienna have co-organised the 9th Eastern European eGov Days on "eGovernment in Times of Economic Challenges”.


  • A new age in education, choice and control for digital consumers

    Thomas Myrup Kristensen Former Senior EU Policy Director - 20 April 2011

    The successful future of online advertising depends on the trust of consumers, which in turn depends on transparency. Yesterday Microsoft along with other industry players signed the IAB Europe led Online Behavioural Advertising Framework (OBA), a piece of self-regulation that will help users understand and control behavioural advertising that they receive.


  • Who pays for Data Protection?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 April 2011

    As you may know, the EU is reviewing its data protection laws, and recently I participated in a hearing hosted by the European Parliament’s EPP group on one of the many important questions being looked at: “Who pays for Data Protection?”


  • Event: Digital Values series - Future Consumers

    Events - 14 March 2011

    New technologies become interwoven with our everyday lives and our relationship with gadgets is constantly evolving. Do the current terms and concepts of consumer protection remain valid in the digital age? What are the new vulnerabilities and do we need to re-learn consumer protection?


  • Working towards a cloud-active strategy in Europe

    Jean-Philippe Courtois President, Microsoft International - 09 March 2011


  • Privacy and Innovation

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 14 Feb. 2011

    The protection of one’s personal information continues to garner attention as online services become increasing popular, whether it be social networking, communications via smartphone, or other aspects of cloud computing.


  • Safer Internet Day

    Events - 07 Feb. 2011

    Microsoft supports Safer Internet Day, a global campaign promoting a healthy Internet for all. Organized by Insafe and co-founded by the European Union, Safer Internet Day promotes more responsible use of online technologies and services.


  • Getting ready for the cloud computing age

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 25 Jan. 2011


  • Digital Values series: Human Trust

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 17 Jan. 2011

    Just how strong is trust in a modern society? The more we depend on technologies to carry out or mediate our everyday activities, the more we need to make sure that we trust them to do so. How do you inspire user trust without any face-to-face contact? Do we need trustmarks or rather trust user experience?


  • The Privacy Design Imperative

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 08 Dec. 2010

    Microsoft’s announcement this week of new privacy-enhancing technologies in our upcoming Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) browser is our latest move towards giving users simple, clear options for controlling how their information is used on the internet.


  • A Win-Win Shift: Using cloud computing to advance wellbeing

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 03 Dec. 2010

    I had the pleasure of opening the first European Summit of Microsoft’s Health Users Group this week in Brussels. The focus of the summit was on using cloud computing to create a “win-win” in the provisioning of wellbeing, that is, reducing costs while increasing the satisfaction of patients and health care providers.


  • Breaking the barriers to a cloud single market in Europe

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 04 Nov. 2010

    Growth has been the watchword at the Government Leaders Forum (GLF) in London. It’s an event that brings together some of the region’s most influential public sector figures under one roof, in an effort to find new ways to drive sustainable economic growth in Europe.


  • The economics of cloud computing for the EU public sector

    Niels Soelberg Vice President,Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA - 04 Nov. 2010


  • Giving you more meaningful choices to control your privacy

    Omar Shahine Principal Lead Program Manager – Windows Live - 08 July 2010

    A few months ago I authored a post that sets the context for some of the privacy discussion that’s currently happening, and how we think about privacy in Windows Live.


  • Take charge of your online reputation

    Microsoft - 04 June 2010

    Chances are you already have a reputation online, even if you don't want one. On Web sites across the Internet, people can find information about you.


  • 11 tips for social networking safety

    Microsoft - 04 June 2010

    Social networking Web sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Spaces are services people can use to connect with others to share information like photos, videos, and personal messages. 


  • Video on raising awareness and strengthening privacy policies - a multi-stakeholder exercise

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 25 May 2010

    As our use of the Internet and related technologies evolves, so do our privacy needs and concerns – and possibly too the need to adapt the legal framework.   


  • Smarter government in the UK: collaboration across and between departments

    Mark Lange Director EU Institutional Relations - 04 May 2010

    One aspect of government we thoroughly dislike here in the UK is useless and inefficient bureaucracy. 


  • Revising the EU Data Protection Directive

    Thomas Myrup Kristensen Former Senior EU Policy Director - 01 April 2010

    Last week, Commissioner Reding re-stated her desire to reform and modernize the EU’s Data Protection Framework Directive (95/46/EC).


  • How does regulation affect cloud computing?

    Ron Zink Associate General Counsel - 05 March 2010

    The age of ‘cloud computing’ is dawning, which will allow our data, software and computing power to be on our desktop and extended online as and when needed. This will provide many new opportunities for businesses and other organisations to manage large amounts of data and activities securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • Just how safe is the internet for our children?

    Sylvie Laffarge Director EU Institutional Relations and Citizenship - 04 March 2010


  • Craig Mundie talks e-health and technology policy in the cloud area

    Lisa Boch-Andersen Senior Director for Communications Europe - 26 Feb. 2010

    Last week I published a video interview I conducted with Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer, where he explains his vision of cloud computing.


  • Data Protection Day in Europe and around the world

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 05 Feb. 2010

    Last week turned into a seriously busy week as the Council of Europe and the European Commission celebrated the 4th Data Protection Day. We (Microsoft) were there too,   because we are deeply committed to engage on this important issue.


  • Data Protection Day 2010 - selected videos of Think Privacy campaign

    Microsoft - 04 Feb. 2010

    Short presentation of the selected videos for the Think Privacy competition ran by European Schoolnet and supported by Microsoft.The event took place on January 28, 2010 at the European Parliament in Brussels.


  • High level Transatlantic debate: How technology enables innovation, growth and the transformation of healthcare

    Events - 29 Jan. 2010

    The event, taking place on 23 February 2010 in Brussels (and simultaneously in Washington DC), will include a live exchange of EU-US political and practitioners’ perspectives.


  • THINK PRIVACY: And the nominees are …….

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 25 Jan. 2010

    This week, we will see a very busy Data Protection Day.


  • Microsoft Advances Search Privacy with Bing

    John Vassallo Vice President - EU Affairs - 19 Jan. 2010

    At her European Parliament hearing last week, Commissioner-Designate Viviane Reding mentioned online privacy as one of her key priorities.


  • Data Protection Day 2010 - Think Privacy Campaign

    Cornelia Kutterer Senior Policy Counsel - 14 Jan. 2010

    New videos regarding Data Potection Day 2010 and the importance of data and online privacy!  


  • Planning Europe’s healthcare revolution: The role of eHealth

    Videos - 06 Jan. 2010

    Views and commentaries from Europe’s ICT & eHealth thought leaders. Filmed during the Friends of Europe Summit in Brussels - December 2009.


  • Data Protection Day

    Microsoft - 05 Jan. 2010

    ‘Think Privacy’ is a campaign related to Data Protection Day, celebrated every year on the 28th January. Data Protection Day aims to raise awareness amongst citizens on privacy and data protection. Young people aged between 15 and 19 years olds are invited to take part in the Data Protection competition, which will be running from 15 October 2009 to 5 January 2010.


  • It’s all a matter of context

    Anna Jenkinson - 01 June 2009

    Confidential data need to be kept confidential – but there are times when the information needs to be shared, too. That's where the new EU Framework Programme Consequence comes in.