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Interview: Working with Microsoft, a view from an Italian partner
By: Kimberly Voltero, Group Audience Marketing Manager
25 February 2010

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I recently had the chance to speak to one of our Students to Business partners, Roberto Pietra, who is VP of HR at the tech services firm, Avanade.

I was asking him about the company’s recruitment program in which Avanade Academy prepares university graduates to help enterprises grow using the Microsoft platform. The five-week program is comprised of on-site instruction involving Microsoft technology, and roughly 65 percent of Avanade’s yearly recruits are participants. Roberto was telling me that to be accepted, candidates must be passionate about technology, which is why the Avanade-Microsoft relationship makes sense - the Microsoft platform attracts only the most dedicated individuals.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about the Avanade recruiting Program?

What is the most important qualification for new graduates coming into your company?

 Why did Avanade focus their business on Microsoft technologies only?

How does recruiting in Europe with Microsoft fit into your overall recruitment activities?

 Does the Microsoft focus make recruiting easier?

 Has the economic downturn affected the number or quality of students applying?

What excites you, the VP of Human Resources at Avanade, most about your job?