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Lithuanian company enables mobile app developers to help each other gain popularity
By: Mark Lange, Director EU Institutional Relations
28 June 2013

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AdDuplex has created a platform that helps other mobile app and game developers gain exposure and stimulate growth.  In an intensely competitive market for mobile apps and games, it is hard for new companies to gain enough popularity to make revenue.

AdDuplex is a zero-cost barter system for initial marketing efforts, based on a simple philosophy: if you promote my app, I’ll promote yours.  With wider exposure at low cost, apps and games become more well-known, and developers can then leverage that popularity to make revenue in other ad networks that pay for ad placements.

The AdDuplex system is simple to implement and effective. The app developer needs to add the AdControl to his/her application and start serving advertisements for other apps. For every 10 ads displayed the developer would get 8 of his own ads promoted in other apps.