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French SMEs step around infrastructure barriers with cloud computing
By: Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe
31 May 2010

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In this case study, you can read about the cloud solution developed by a French SME currently deployed to more than 3500 users in 300 offices around France.

French IT service provider Exakis wanted to bolster its service offerings with an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution that it could offer to clients who did not want to build out new infrastructure or who needed to deploy a solution rapidly.

In the Business Productivity Online Suite from Microsoft® Online Services, Exakis found a solution that could meet client needs and open doors for the delivery of additional value-added services. Clients have been embracing it enthusiastically: For Crédit Immobilier de France—which had looked at Google Apps to meet its branch office messaging needs before deciding that it did not want to risk its business on a service that was not enterprise-ready—Exakis is deploying the Business Productivity Online Suite to more than 3500 users in 300 offices around France.

"The kinds of value-added services we can offer around the Business Productivity Online Suite are our higher revenue services, so added opportunities to promote those services are great for us."

François Floribert, Managing Director, Exakis

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Small & Medium Enterprises are the backbone of Europe’s economy. We work hard with governments and industry to ensure that SMEs get the most out of technology. Thanks to cloud computing that has pervasive benefits throughout the economy, SMEs can now exploit economies of scale, to rapidly expand their business and offer innovative solutions with less risk. This space on our website is dedicated to innovative European SMEs and the added-value of cloud computing to their businesses.