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Growing your business on Microsoft's cloud platform Azure
By: Kim Nielsen, Local Software Economy Lead
11 August 2010

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This video looks at the experience of entrepreneurs using the Azure platform. Aidan Gallagher, CEO Inishtech & Conor O’Riordan, CEO Tradefacilitate give us a quick overview to why they chose to use Azure for their businesses and the benefits cloud computing brings.


In watching the video below you will see that there are three main things that Azure brings to SMEs.

Firstly, cost savings: it is too expensive for SMEs to build their own internal infrastructures and requires a huge upfront capital expenditure which SMEs do not have to spare.

Secondly, the scalability: cloud computing allows SMEs to seamlessly scale their operations as their business grows instead of constantly upgrading internal systems, this also allows for flexibility when there is less demand by using a pay as you use model.

Finally, the enhanced security from running applications in a secure datacentre, rather than running onsite where SMEs may not have access to the same level of security expertise.

But don’t take my word for it, click play below to listen to the entrepreneurs:


Growing your business on Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure:

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