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Spanish cloud service makes it easier for developers and designers to launch new products
By: Lisa Boch-Andersen, Senior Director for Communications Europe
12 October 2011

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In this case study, you can read about a partnership between Microsoft and the Spanish company, Telefónica in creating a solution for software developers to minimise their business risk by simplifying revenue collection.

Telefónica is one of the world’s leading telecommunications service providers, with more than 270 million customers, primarily in Spain, Europe, and Latin America.

In mid-2010, senior management at Telefónica identified that a good deal of development, including work related to smartphones, was starting to move to the cloud. This led Telefónica to Microsoft and a partnership was settled to provide cloud-based services for the developer community.

Telefónica and Microsoft formed a strategic partnership to enable  a community of developers worldwide to engage with Microsoft technologies and develop using Windows Azure.

This platform, combined a monetisation model, ensures that developers receive payments for application sales, subscriptions, and revenue share on transactions, developers and designers can go to market quickly and realise revenues for products.

It also avoids the need for capital expenditure on hardware and uses risk-free communications services that offer revenue-sharing business models.
Jose Valles, Head of BlueVia, Telefónica, says: “One of the great things about working with Windows Azure is that the .NET Framework supports developers by providing them with familiar tools that they’re already using, so there’s no steep learning curve.”

Maria Garaña Corces, General Manager, Microsoft Spain, says: “By combining the leadership and innovation from Telefónica with Microsoft solutions in the cloud, we’re giving consumers a fantastic opportunity. For users, it provides anytime, anywhere access to information through any device, with the latest applications and services from the cloud.”

The applications created by developers and hosted on Windows Azure can function on a variety of computers and smartphones, including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices. The Telefónica proposition is about creating opportunities for revenue creation and providing clear routes to market with an addressable audience—all in a risk-free environment. With this toolset, developers will be able to reach 25 countries with a single application.


You can find the full case study here.

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