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Why cloud computing is good for European business
By: Cliff Reeves, GM Emerging Business Team Microsoft Corporation
02 September 2010

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The BizSpark European Summit in Paris proved to be a great platform to exchange ideas and best practices for start-ups in Europe. In fact, we came away with so much good information to share that we decided to save some of it for after the summer break.

Cloud computing was one of THE hot topics of the summit, and more than half of the finalists already had cloud-based products or were just finishing migration.

Industry luminary Guy Kawasaki was the Master of Ceremonies for an event that brought together top start-ups and investors from the region, BizSpark Network Partners (industry partners who help support our BizSpark members), plus government elites and a whole host of other experts and luminaries. At the heart of the event was an investment pitch contest between 18 finalists. You can see a short video on each of the contestants on, and you can see the winners here.

This video (the first in a series) features start-ups and investors describing what they think the cloud can do for the economic landscape in Europe and how it’s proving to be an accelerator for small businesses.

The mood of the summit was buoyant, even though everyone is aware of the economic, social and cultural challenges that still face entrepreneurs. We’ll be examining these themes in videos to come, with stories from businesses across the region, including many who will adopt cloud computing technology. We’re planning to run the summit again next year, as well as supporting other regional competitions and events in the meantime, so watch this space for further news.