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From sign language translation to crises management – Catch-up with MSR Faculty Summit
By: Fabien Petitcolas, Director for Innovation, Europe
20 September 2013

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During the summer I took the opportunity to catch up on what happened at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in July. We’ve already highlighted an interview Bill Gates gave at this event, but there is a lot more content available online.

Here I would like to highlight 3 projects of general interest that give you a taste of what was presented at the event.

Social media in times of crises – Social media has the ability to provide life-saving information during disasters and other crises. In this video, researchers explain how online volunteer groups help curate information during disasters.

Designing challenge – During our 10th annual Design Expo, we asked selected professors in design universities around the world to work with their students to propose projects showing how data might make for a better and more community oriented place to live. Here is one example of such project:

Sign language translation – Using Kinect, researchers can provide a way for the deaf to communicate with the hearing without the hearing necessarily knowing how to use sign language: