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Expert interviews: innovating in Europe
By: Ray Pinto, Senior Government Affairs Manager
17 March 2010

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Innovation is now the catch phrase for the European Commission but an important one to try and resolve issues facing the EU and the world. From climate change to healthcare society faces many ‘grand challenges’ that will demand the brightest minds in both government, academia and the private sector.

Listen to some strong recommendations from John Woods, International Relations Advisor, Chair of the European research Area Board and Dr. Anne Stenros, Vice President Design, Kone Corportaion speaking about the reality of European innovation, filmed at the recent Way Ahead event in Brussels.

The consensus seems to be that Europe is not fulfilling its innovative potential for a range of reasons, from a fear of risk-taking to the limits placed on research by rigid targets. All is not lost however! There is plenty of European brainpower and government funding not being put to its best use while open innovation offers the potential to pool talent to create superior innovation.

Hope you enjoy and feel free leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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