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SA200 - Chalk Talk: EPM solution the Good The Bad the Ugly 
Adrian Jenkins, Microsoft Office Project Supportability Program Manager, Microsoft Product Support Services

Get answers to some common Project 2007 support questions. As this is meant to be a chalk talk we encourage you to bring your own questions for the Q&A portion of this session.


SA201 - Administration of an EPM solution 
Adrian Jenkins, Microsoft Office Project Supportability Program Manager, Microsoft Product Support Services

This session will cover administrative functions both in Windows SharePoint Services and Project Server.  The SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration features of Diagnostic Logging, Shared Services (including provisioning new PWA sites), Timer jobs, Backup/Restore and administrative account management will be covered.  In Project Server we will be looking at the administrative side of Cube Building, Custom Fields, Active Directory Synchronization, User Management, Administrative Backup/Restore,  Project Workspaces and last and definitely not least Queue Management.  The focus will mainly be on new and changed administrative features of Project Server 2007 so not too much time will be spent on features that have changed little since 2003.  This session will also not be covering the administration of Project Portfolio Server.


SA204 - SharePoint Farm Essentials 
Steve Haden, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Services

Designing your SharePoint Farm and understanding the essentials is the most important thing you may do.  This session will focus on the fundamentals in making sure your SharePoint farm is designed appropriately.


SA205 - Monitoring & Troubleshooting Project Server
Adrian Jenkins, Microsoft Office Project Supportability Program Manager, Microsoft Product Support Services

Learn about tools for helping you keep your server running well. Also learn about built-in tools and techniques for figuring out issues when they happen.


SA207 - Deployment Best Practices for Project Portfolio Server
Isabel Bernardos Galindo, EPM and BI Product Manager, Microsoft Spain

This session will provide the best practices required to deploy Microsoft Project portfolio Server 2007 successfully. This session will cover the architecture, the approach to develop a capacity planning and sizing of an installation, the potential scalability path for each component and the security configuration to accommodate Windows Integrated Authentication and application-based authentication.


SA209 - Project Server Disaster Recovery
Christophe Fiessinger, Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Office Project Server & Steve Haden, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Services

Learn how to recover from a catastrophic failure on your SharePoint/EPM farm.
This session will discuss what are the options to recover from a loss of any component of your SharePoint/EPM Farm: SQL server, application server, disk …
It will cover SharePoint/EPM Farm or database restore options including pros and cons as well as a live demo.
This session will not cover in details backup/restore plans and all high availability options.


SA300 - Lessons from the Field: Enterprise Migration
Danny Hellinckx, EPM Senior Consultant at Microsoft

Project Server 2007 has 200,000 new features.  You are just beginning to heal from the Project Server 2003 rollout completed 1-2 years back, and the organization is well underway to accepting the process changes introduced.  Now you are hearing about this wonderful new features and scalability that Project Server 2007 offers.  So is it  worth to migrate, yet again?  Questions about one-for-one match with features crop up?  Are they the same?   Are they different?  Are they improved?  How much process change is required?  Will it be painful?  How does it fit with my organizations plans for process improvement, technical strategy, hardware refresh, software refresh and so forth?  What are the pitfalls?  Who do I have to befriend?  If these questions sound familiar to you and keep you awake nights, plotting your next move to improve service to your customers or a more noble one, to secure that next promotion:), then this one's for you.  Learn about what's different, the opportunities, the pitfalls and the process/culture changes based on actual field experience.


SA302 - Implementing an EPM solution 
Franck Mercier, Technical Solution Specialist, EPM Solution Microsoft

This session covers the preparation, design and sequencing of implementing an EPM solution focusing on key activities in pre-planning, architecture, installation, monitoring and troubleshooting.


SA400 - Project Server Integration with SharePoint Server/WSS
Eric Zenz, Program Manager II, Microsoft Office Project team

Attend this session to learn technical details about how Office Project Server integrates with Windows SharePoint Services.  Topics include site topologies, site creation, user synchronization, and object linking. 


SA402 - Deployment for High  Availability and Scalability 
Jean-Noël Lienhart, EPM Senior Consultant, Microsoft

This session covers the components of the EPM solution and the main considerations when planning for deployments that require high availability, when to scale up and out, points of failure and software/hardware boundaries.


Session Title


Coca Cola Customer case study
Gerald Wieder, Manager Change Projects & Process Management, Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG

Gerald Wieder will be presenting how Coca-Cola uses the new technology to steer mergers & acquisitions and also supply external employees with complete usage of all functions. Special highlights of the project include a highly integrated planning approach for realization of a Merger & Integration program involving 20 companies, innovative timesheet approval module (CS TAM) to fulfil central customer requirements and overall master plan with de-central location-wise actualization of project progress.

EPM Deployments @ STMicroelectronics: configuration, methodology & return on experiment

Guillame Rouyre, EPM deployment, ST for the Cellular & Broadband Communication Division & Florent Gayet, STMicroelectronics

  • This presentation firstly aims to give basic information about technical configuration of EPM2003 at ST/CBC.
  • Secondly the methodological analysis aligned on challenges and organization's objectives will be pointed out.
  • Finally a return on experiment illustrated by examples of EPM deployments in ST/CBC will conclude this presentation.

Gerrie Nell

We are currently in the middle of converting our 1,200 Project Server users from 2003 to 2007, and plan to finish this by October '07. We could present a case study on the following two topics:
- Change management for the introduction of Project Portfolio Server; and
- Real customer experience with migrating a large Project Server installation from 2003 to 2007.

POLKOMTEL - How to adopt portfolio management and build strong IT position in organization?
Michał Czarnocki, Project Management Professional

This is the story about evolution of people, company and business management. From the very beginning people at Polkomtel SA were committed to work in projects using Microsoft® Project Server. Several years of project activities made it clear that the company needs a system to manage more than just work progress, resources and budgets of multiple projects. The company evolved – and the value management need has arisen. The Board of Polkomtel SA started new business initiative to cut the operating costs by more the 50 million € over two years. Implementation of Project Portfolio Server gives Polkomtel the tool to make investment decisions impartially and in sequence corresponding to the benefits the company may achieve. In an "IT driven" company running a number of projects at the same time, the ability to maintain a uniform and transparent project portfolio management process is of paramount importance to the success of projects.

SIEMENS - Project Service on Demand - a Application Management Service based on Microsoft Project Server
Wilhelm Glas, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Providing standard service in a centralized, multi-instances Infrastructure in Enterprise Environment with customer specific extensions.

THE PROJECT GROUP - Microsoft EPM in large organizations - the four key areas of interest
Stavros Georgantzis, Founder & Managing Partner, TPG The Project Group &
Dr. Thomas Henkelmann, Director Consulting Services, TPG The Project Group

After having implemented EPM in a large number of enterprises we have identified four key areas that are decisive for a successful use of the system. In this presentation we will demonstrate how the four areas project budgeting and costing in combination wit the ERP system, central resource management, integrated time tracking and management reports can be addressed with Microsoft Project EPM, enriched with appropriate add-on tools.

NICE Systems
Shabi Elikishvili, Global Group Manager in Corporate MIS division, NICE systems

With over 24,000 customers in 100 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, Nice is a leader provider of interaction analytics solutions for the enterprise and public safety and security markets. The EPM solution that was implemented in nice with assistance of Matan Consulting Group is a unique and innovative solution, combining: an cutting edge SharePoint Project Collaboration Portal, unique Program management extensions to EPM and unique integration with Microsoft Outlook. The intervention will cover the needs and the business drivers for the implementing of an EPM solution, the unique strategy of the solution, description of the solution elements with some Demos/Screenshots and some implementation tips.

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE) is the leading provider of Insight from InteractionsTM, offering comprehensive performance management and interaction analytics solutions for the enterprise and public safety and security markets. Advanced interaction analytics are performed on unstructured multimedia content - from telephony, web, radio and video communications. NICE brings the power of Insight from Interactions to IP contact centers, branches, and command and control centers. NICE's solutions are changing the way organizations make decisions, enabling them to proactively improve business and operational performance and address security threats. NICE has over 24,000 customers in 100 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies.

DEUTSCHE BANK - Practical Guide to Project Portfolio Management Deployments
Rick Anderson, Director

This session outlines Deutsche Bank’s Investment Banking Operations practical approach towards establishing a successful PPM deployment. We address the foundations, technology and mind set shifts required.  Our phased approach balances investment with benefits to all levels in the organization.

International Institute for Learning (IIL) - Project Management Competency Development with new Microsoft Project 2007 Certification Program
Zeljka Pavic, Project Management Professional

Organizational capabilities in executing on project initiatives are directly linked with the implementation of supportive PM Competency Models and individual PM proficiencies. This session highlights the role of the New Microsoft Project 2007 Certification Program in increasing PM Competency and in realizing the business benefits of Microsoft EPM Solution. 

The Microsoft Project 2007 User Certification is a professional certification program designed to support project management professionals and organizations seeking to quantify their proficiencies in the use of Microsoft Office Project 2007 and Project Server 2007.

The Microsoft Certified  Professional credential for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 provides industry recognition to project managers and other professionals who use Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 and Office Project Server 2007 to manage and support projects in an enterprise project management (EPM) environment

International Institute for Learning, Inc. has been selected by Microsoft to develop Microsoft Official Curriculum designed to prepare candidates to successfully complete the Microsoft Project 2007 certification exams.


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