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Building on the management improvements made with Exchange Server 2007, the management tools in Exchange Server 2010 provide new self-service capabilities to users so they can have more control over their messaging without having to turn to the help desk for answers to common problems or quick fixes. Compliance specialists can perform multi-mailbox searches and export the results to PST files for legal discovery. Users can find out for themselves whether a message they sent to a business partner was received successfully or blocked by a spam filter. The management tools in Exchange 2010 reduce the burden on IT professionals by providing a role-based administration model to allow you to delegate tasks.

Functional Descriptions

Role Based Access Control: The Exchange 2010 Exchange Management Console utilizes remote PowerShell to enable administrators to delegate tasks to responsible users in a controlled way to meet the needs of the organization. Specialized roles for Unified Messaging managers, help desk staff, or Exchange server administrators are easy to create, manage and simplify Exchange administration.

Exchange Control Panel: New self-service capabilities are accessible through a Web-based management portal aimed at enabling users to perform common tasks without having to call the help desk. This self–service facility enables users to be more productive and allows IT staff to deliver more, while reducing support costs.

Moderated Distribution Groups: A moderator can be appointed to regulate the flow of messages sent to a distribution group. Anyone can e-mail the distribution group alias, but before the message is delivered to all participants, a moderator must review and approve it. This helps prevent inappropriate or time-wasting e-mail blasts from being delivered to large audiences.

Message Tracking:  End-users can track delivery receipt information of all messages sent through a Web-based interface. This helps reduce one of the most common help desk calls.