Learn to bring apps and data to the cloud to respond quickly to changing conditions and time-to-fame.



Things are changing fast. The cloud has completely transformed the way we work, the business that we’re in and the development skills we can use.

On Microsoft Azure you can leverage the technologies and tools you're already familiar with, let it be ASP.NET, PHP or Java and develop on Windows, Mac or Linux, we got your covered.

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Time Topic
09:00 Welcome & Introduction
09:25 Visual Studio Online & ALM
09:40 Azure Portal & Dashboard
10:00 Mobile Services & hands-on exercise
11:15 Break
12:00 Authentication & push notifications
13:30 Break
13:50 Running websites on Azure
15:00 Developing for Windows and Android
16:30 Event ends
Supported by: Sovelto Moonsoft Elisa Appelsiini
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Seminar and Workshop

sharing finnish customer stories. Real real life experiences from developers, hear the full story.

& workshop
10:00 - 17:00

learn to build with Azure for the web, android, iOS and Windows.

The Grand Spectacle


11. - 12.12.

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seminar >

During the seminar learn from Finnish developers who have moved their solutions to Microsoft Azure. You'll hear the real experiences from the developers themselves, sharing what worked and what didn't work when moving to Microsoft Azure.

Time Topic
10:00 Welcome to #DevShark
10:30 Break
10:45 +50 million customers; The Fingersoft Ad System Azure Migration Project
This talk will discuss our goals and experiences whilst migrating to Azure cloud services. I will present the requirements and high level architecture of our services and also describe how we used Azure to realize our goals. The other main topics of this talk are the practical problems and solutions we faced while migrating to Azure.
11:30 Break
11:45 Next Games - Connecting SignalR, Azure and Unity Game EngineIn the talk you'll hear how to connect SignalR into Unity3D and how to setup your development environment to easily develop with Azure. Join the session and hear why and how Next Games is using Azure.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Leanvisio – Developing a SaaS product in Azure
About architecture in Azure and special features, and the process itself.
14:15 Break
14:30 TBA
15:15 Break
16:30 What's next?

workshop >

In the workshop you'll get the opportunity to get your hands dirty and develop on Microsoft Azure. We'll cover the most popular topics and prepare exercises for you to do during the day. You'll have coaches on-site helping you and answering questions.

Time Topic
10:00 Welcome to #DevShark
10:30 Let's get fired up with Azure
We'll start by testing out the Azure Dashboard, your account and setting up a Virtual Machine.
11:15 Moonsoft
11:30 Azure Websites - Ready, Set, Deploy!
Session will cover how to get started with your web application and how to deploy it! Also will cover real-time coding using SignalR.
12:15 Appelsiini
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Mobile Services and AuthenticationBuilding a cross-platform app? Want to have multiple authentication options, but don’t want to dig into each one separately? Learn how Azure Mobile Services simplifies this and allows you to do rapid, secure & cross-platform development. Get access to the instant back-end, customizable with nodeJS and C#, with fully scalable database and authentication and notification services
14:00 DocumentDB ja Search Service
15:15 Internet of Things with Azure
16:00 It's not all fun and games Let’s ease in the Hackathon with less ”business and development” oriented topics and use Azure as a platform for the things that are important to us in the free time. So let’s use Azure to host your IRC Shell, VoIP Server for your guild or a game server for your favorite games. Let your imagination run!
16:30 What's next?



11. - 12.12. 17:00 - 17:00
Tapahtumahalli Koskenranta Helsinki

Time Topic
17:00-17:30 Snack & get ready!
17:30-18:00 #DevShark - Hackathon start
20:00-21:00 Foooood!
23:15-00:15 Guess the tune -quiz
Time to test your knowledge of classic game tunes! The winning team(s) will be awarded with an amazing themed prize.
02:00-04:00 Game compos
Are you the biggest gamer of them all? Show your skills by taking part in our game challenge!
08:00-09:00 Morning Yoga Time to get your day started! Greet the sun and do the downwards dog, homie!
09:00-09:45 Breakfast
12:00-13:00 Lunch
14:30 Project Submission Deadline
15:30 Snack, break & pack your stuff
16:30 Closing ceremony
Announcing the winners and the amazing closing ceremony!
Hackathon working time
17:30 - 16:30
Join 300 developers for an unforgetable 24-hour hackathon! You'll meet other developers from around Finland, get support from our coaches and be part of an sharktastic experience.

During the hackathon we'll have some technical sessions, show you some cool stuff members of the community are building and of course some competitions as well... some smaller and some a bit bigger.