3 Amigos & a Gal On Tour

¡Hola amigos & gals!

It's time to join the fiesta with the 3 amigos and the gal.

We're heading your way with a grande visión of apps. Windows 8, Azure or Phone, we'll tackle it all! Join us for a day of exciting discussion around the newest technology and a fiesta, which will fulfill any needs that the discussions couldn't. We'll also provide you more information of BizSpark program with pretty awesome benefits.

We'll also introduce you to your piñata of support and funding, AppCampus. AppCampus is here to help you get started your Windows Phone development. It offers you coaching, quality assurance, funding, marketing support and much more. So what are you waiting for, blast that piñata open by sending in your application!

Agenda, registration and further information:

¡Arriba, arriba!

Grande local partners of the tour:

Prizztech Oy, Pori
Turku Science Park
Business Oulu
CIE, Center for Internet Excellence, Oulu
Hermia & New Factory International, Tampere
Jyväskylä Innovation
Wirma Oy Lappeenranta